A fleet of sail and motor boats at your fingertips

Our sail and motor fleet includes boats from some of the worlds top boating brands, so whatever your preference, Pure Latitude has it covered across a range of locations.

All our boats are regularly maintained and serviced by our experienced in-house team to ensure they are always ready for you in excellent condition.

Choose Location:

Hanse 348

Pure Therapy | Hamble

*** Arriving 2024 ***

Axopar 28C

Pure Chance | Hamble

*** New 2022 ***

Oceanis 34.1

Pure Intent | Hamble

*** New 2023 ***

Hanse 348

Pure Momentum | Lymington

*** New 2021 ***

Merry Fisher 895

Pure Pêche | Lymington

*** Arriving 2023 ***

Hanse 345

Pure Schnapps | Lymington

Hanse 388

Pure Release | Hamble

*** New 2021 ***

Axopar 28C

Pure Coincidence | Lymington

Fontaine Pajot 36

Issamella II | Hamble

*** Arriving 2024 ***

Jeanneau Prestige 36

Patrician | Hamble

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Pure Drive | Hamble

*** New 2022 ***

Beneteau Antares 30

Pure Passion | Lymington

Dufour 375

Pure Escape | Plymouth

Stevens 34

Pure Carma | Windsor

Hanse 348

Pure Energy | Hamble

*** New 2022 ***

Ballistic Rib

Pure Petrol | Hamble

Jeanneau 389

Pure Pressure | Hamble

Jeanneau 349

Pure Potential | Hamble

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Pure Ambition | Hamble

Hanse 348

Pure Vision | Hamble

X-Yacht 37

Pure Attitude | Hamble

Dufour 34

Pure Magic | Hamble

Beautifully maintained boats

We own our fleet of boats and work hard for the priviledge. Through 15 years experience we have evolved our maintenance processes to ensure all work is conducted with efficiency and precision.

We have two very experienced full-time maintenance managers, plus additional technicians, who together ensure the boats are maintained to a very high standard.

Our boats are always ready for you in excellent condition so you can be sure of a fun and safe day out. Take a look at our google reviews to see what our members say about our boats.

Arrange a private tour to view our boats, meet the team and ask questions.

This excellent club provides modern well equipped boats that are kept in perfect condition. Staff are always available to assist with any skill or technical issues, but otherwise have a marvelously low key presence, allowing members to ‘just get on’ with being responsible boat users and develop confidence at their own pace.

Jamie Dawson, member since 2016

Our bonus fleet: Pure Plus

In addition to our core fleet, membership also provides access to some very special additional boats, available to members at discounted market rates.

These boats are operated by our partners, carefully selected for quality of boat and operation, and offer excellent occasional variety. Our Pure Plus fleet includes:

Nautitech 46 Catamaran & Hanse 548