Flexible training options to fit your schedule

We build training options around your schedule so you can build your knowledge and confidence at your own pace.

We love supporting our members on their journey to achieve their training goals, whether that’s consolidating previous experience, gaining RYA qualifications or building a broader depth of knowledge across different disciplines.

Achieve your boating goals

⊚ RYA Courses

We’re a fully accredited RYA training centre with a focus on high quality, bespoke tuition.

⊚ key Skill development

Our range of training options allow you to focus on the key skills that matter most to you.

⊚ Events to keep learning

Our calendar of adventure, training, social and racing events make learning ‘on the job’ fun.

Maximise your progress with individual support

Private training

We tailor the training around your previous experience, working on the individual strengths and weaknesses of you and/or your crew. It’s an efficient way to train, with the added bonus that you pick the dates and can bring family and friends to crew at no extra cost.

small group training

Small group training is a cost effective way to upskill and build experience, or simply enjoy getting afloat in a sociable learning environment.

RYA training courses

We deliver high quality RYA training courses on our immaculate fleet of club boats – with a focus on bespoke support and development.

Low instructor to student ratios ensure a high quality learning experience focused on your specific strengths and weaknesses. Make every hour spent onboard productive and enjoyable.

Key skill development

The RYA syllabus ensures you have the range of knowledge needed at each level, but it’s having a way to practice, test and develop your skills that turns knowledge into expertise.

We provide the environment for members to focus on developing the skills that matter to them, be that on a private basis with an instructor or in a small group setting joining one of our training events.

⊚ Marina boat handling
⊚ Navigation & safety
⊚ Sail trim & spinnaker
⊚ Crew & teamwork

Events to keep learning

Learning about boating never ends. The same could be said for any discipline, but when it comes to boating, experience is everything.

That’s why we’ve crafted a calendar of events that makes it easy for you to get afloat and try new things in a fun, sociable environment.

⊚ Adventure cruises
⊚ Yacht racing
⊚ Social sails
⊚ Training days

Ready to discuss your training pathway?

Call 02380 001234 to discuss your training plans and how we’d help support your journey as a skipper.


Game-changing training

“Taking part in day skipper, sail training and park it like a pro days was a game changer for me. The instructors were great, and sailing with other developing skippers led me to a wonderful realisation: I wasn’t the only one who sometimes found this stuff tricky! ”