Pure Latitude partners with Sea-Changers

Pure Latitude has signed up to contribute to UK marine conservation activities by supporting the charity, Sea-Changers. Pure Latitude will include an optional donation to Sea-Changers when asking for membership fees, allowing club members to give something back to protect the oceans they enjoy as members of the club.

The money will feed into Sea-Changers’ grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects. Pure Latitude has chosen to demonstrate its already strong environmental commitment in this way. The company joins a growing community of Sea-Changer businesses and individuals who are passionate about giving something back to the seas they love.

Sea-Changers will distribute the donated money to a range of projects engaged in: direct marine clean up action, education and awareness-raising about marine conservation issues, species and habitat protection, and conservation research. Many of the projects they fund undertake grassroots community conservation work that simply would not take place without the Sea-Changers grant.

If you would like to make your own donation to Sea-Changers click here or to read more about the great work Sea-Changers are doing around our coastline click here.

Martin Gray, Founder of Pure Latitude said: “The UK’s seas give our members a great deal of pleasure. We want to play our part in making sure there are healthy oceans and coastlines for future generations of sailors to enjoy. We are pleased to support Sea-Changers in their work.”

Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “It’s great to be working with Pure Latitude and their members and to receive their fantastic support. Many of our trustees and volunteers are keen sailors and it is great to provide this mechanism for the sailing community to give back to the UK’s marine environment in this way.”


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