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Seaview: A sailor’s guide

For such a pretty spot, the sailing village of Seaview seems to slip under the radar of many Solent boaters, but for those in the know, this historic gem on the Isle of Wight makes for a charming daytime mooring or even overnight in settled conditions.


Where is Seaview?

Perched on the north eastern tip of the Isle of Wight, Seaview’s cobbled quay is home to the welcoming Seaview Yacht Club which provides visitor moorings and a water taxi ashore.



What’s Seaview like?

Stretching back from the quay, the pretty village streets are lined with historic buildings and afford sea views in almost every direction. Fresh seafood menus are available at both the yacht club and the excellent Old Fort pub on the quay.

In the peak of Summer, Seaview is vibrant with holidaying families and dinghy sailors – many of whom have spent time there for generations – and it’s not hard to see why.

As the Solent tide retreats, beautiful beaches emerge and at low tide you can stroll south through Seagrove to Priory bay. Keep going and you’ll reach Bembridge harbour with the Duver marina and the Best Dressed Crab cafe.


view of seaview harbour from the air


How to sail from Hamble to Seaview

The trip from Hamble to Seaview is best enjoyed on a spring tide to ensure the flood pushes you East towards Seaview in the morning before returning West to Hamble on the afternoon ebb. A spring tide also ensures you’ll be close to high water as you approach and depart Seaview either side of lunch. A prevailing south westerly wind normally makes for a fast morning reach to Seaview, although depending on the exact wind direction the homeward leg may be upwind.

Always navigate with care in the Solent. Bramble bank, Ryde sands and the shallows near Seaview are all relevant hazards for this trip. Take particular care navigating Bramble Bank when returning on the falling afternoon tide.

When should you make the trip?

Seaview is best visited in the main boating season May-September, when Seaview Yacht Club runs it’s launch service. If visiting Seaview outside of these months, we recommend mooring in nearby Bembridge harbour from which you can walk or taxi to Seaview.


seaview moorings from the old quay wall


How to moor at Seaview

As a member of Pure Latitude, you have access to the mooring and launch service of the Seaview Yacht Club.

“Visiting Yachtsmen who are members of a recognised Yacht Club are welcome. You may use the Club’s moorings and launch service subject to availability and payment of fees (£20 per day).

In addition you may use the Club’s bar and catering facilities on the ground floor. Please contact the Club by phone or radio ‘Sea View Boatmen’ on channel M2 (P4). Present receipt to boatman on return journey.”

Directions: 50.7216° N, 01.1105° W Post Code: PO34 5HB

Please check mooring and launch details on the Seaview website, or by phone, before setting off.



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