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Pure Latitude is about people and the simple pleasure of spending time on the water.

To help inform, inspire and make your boating better, we’ve put together a collection of stories and useful articles.

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Game-changing training

Jacquetta Edmonds was running into choppy waters sailing with her husband, but now she’s a more confident, independent sailor who enjoys getting out on the water with new friends (and occasionally her husband).

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Member story

A trip to magical Sark

β€œWe had set off from Hamble on a beautiful evening with calm seas and light winds initially. An expectant excitement was noticeable amongst the crew before we hoisted the sails and settled into our rhythm.”

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The real reason we sail

β€œSilence – except for the gentle clanging of rope on the mast. Heading up on deck, still befuddled by sleep, it felt like we had entered another world. A paradise with blue water, rugged cliffs and not a soul in sight.”

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Do you have time to own a boat?

For many successful business owners and executives, spending more time on the water is an attractive priority as they begin to shift their focus to a life away from work. But owning your own boat is no longer for the faint-hearted.

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Skippering is a journey

Even for seasoned skippers, a day on the water can throw up a new challenge, and until you’ve had to deal with a tangled anchor or unexpected bad weather, it can be tough to get beyond the theory.

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Ownership or boat share?

When it comes to getting out on the water, whether you want to set sail or power up the engine, it can be hard to find something that suits your experience level, your ambitions, and the size of your wallet.

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