Why Boating in Autumn is Awesome

An Excuse to Treat Yourself

Swapping your Spring/Summer wardrobe over to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe is a pressing task to get done before the cold sets in, and your boating gear is no exception. If you’re lacking the appropriate garments to wear out on the water (your Summer windbreaker just won’t cut it), then October is the time to get kitted out. Clothes shopping might seem like a chore, but thanks to online retailers, you can seek out your desired outdoor clothing staples without having to fight through crowds of people! A few essentials we recommend to see you through the chillier months are some decent gloves, a nice warm hat, and some waterproof socks – pricey, but well worth it.


Gorgeous Scenery

The vivid new colours, crisp fresh air and clear bright landscapes that Autumn brings all play a part in what makes going boating in this season so enjoyable. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the notion that being on a boat on a warm Summer’s day is the crème de la crème, but, the serenity and heightened sense of nature you’ll experience on the water in Autumn is quite compelling. As the sun rises and sets, marinas lay quiet under breath-taking views of the most picturesque pinks, purple and oranges painting the sky, whilst daylight brings amber and gold leafy backdrops, lush green grass and vibrant blue waters to life.  The Autumn atmosphere is amazing.


Less Traffic, More Peace & Quiet

The Summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school, and as the warm weather starts to fade away, so do the seasonal sailors. Being on the water in Autumn is bliss. Popular spots throughout the Solent are no longer swarming with yachts and the busiest harbours are much less crowded, making for calmer day trips where you can truly soak up the peace and quiet. With empty waterways comes empty marinas, and with empty marinas comes the opportunity to practice mooring! We all know that manoeuvring in a busy marina can be quite daunting (side note: if mooring isn’t your strong point, then register for our ‘How to: Park it like a Pro’ event with a professional instructor to teach you), which is why it’s a great idea to get some practice in during the quieter Autumn months. Which brings us on to our next point…


The Perfect time to Prepare

With less crowded waters and generally kind weather, Autumn is the perfect time to prepare for next Summer. Booking some bespoke training, joining one of our club skills events, or simply going for a gentle day out on the water are all great ways to develop your boating ability by getting used to different weather conditions. Autumn is also a great time to get any qualifications under your belt. Whether you want to do your Powerboat Level 2 or your Yachtmaster Offshore, with RYA instructors less in demand, it makes perfect sense to book courses at this time of year. Furthermore, it’s also an ideal time to research and plan for any summer boating trips. From the comfort of your own home sipping hot chocolate (or mulled cider) by the fire, you can dream up some sunny adventures. Perhaps you’d like to spend a few days exploring the stunning West Country. Maybe you want to go further afield – a charter holiday on a gorgeous Greek Island could be taking your fancy – in which case you’ll need to get your Day Skipper license!

The Right Sailing Conditions

When summer finally comes around, you’re probably desperate to get out on the water whilst the air is warm, and the sky is blue. But the attraction soon wears thin when you spend more time motoring than actually sailing! On gorgeous summer days there is typically a lack of wind, which makes for fairly monotonous sailing. Days in Autumn tend to strike the perfect balance between the stagnant summer air, and fresher winter winds, offering some great sailing conditions with plenty of sunshine.




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