What is Pure Latitude Boat Club ?

Pure Latitude boat club offers you flexible and cost-effective access to a wide range of boats in exchange for a set fee per month/year. With just a simple 12 month commitment, boating has never been more flexible.

We provide an affordable and hassle-free alternative to boat ownership and far more flexible booking schedules than charter. For example with Pure Latitude you can book a boat for just one day during August Bank Holiday; you can’t do that when chartering.

In addition, our popular training and events programmes provide a clear pathway to achieving your boating dreams and ambitions, whether that is to have fun with like-minded people, skipper a boat, explore new destinations, gain a qualification or take part in a famous race.

What can you do ?

We’ve made Pure Latitude as flexible as possible, so you can choose how and when you boat. So, for example, you can:

  1. Skipper your own power, sail or inland boat when you just want to get on the water and away.
  2. Arrange a training programme so you can improve your skills or polish up slightly tarnished ones.
  3. Take part in an adventurous cruise or prestigious race, including Round the Island or the Fastnet.

And much more!

How does Pure Latitude work? Introducing our points system – simple, flexible, hassle free

1. Get points when you join – some plans offer more points.

2. Choose how to spend your points – weekends and bigger boats require more points.

3. Book – months in advance or on the day. It’s up to you.

Introducing our booking system – ‘ownership’ style boat availability ?

Can I get a boat this weekend?

Yes. We build excess capacity into the system to provide you with short notice availability. If you want to book a boat for tomorrow, you can do through our online booking system. With a whole fleet to choose from, boat availability is instantly multiplied.

How do I book a boat?

You can book online using any device. Simply:

  1. Login to your online account
  2. Choose when you want to boat
  3. Check availability of your preferred boat type.
  4. Book
  5. Turn up and cast off

How do I join Pure Latitude Boat Club?

1. Decide what membership plan works best for you (we’re happy to help with this and we want all our members to be happy, so there’s no hard sell or anything annoying like that.)

2. Pay for a 12 month or 24 month membership (there’s a discount for 24 months). There’s also a one-off joining fee.

3. Arrange your club induction day so we can be sure that your boating ambitions are achievable and safe.

Pure Latitude Boat Club – All the enjoyment of ownership without the hassle and cost

Boat ownership usually involves mooring fees, regular as well as unexpected maintenance costs, lots of responsibility and prep time as you get the boat ready to cast off and tie up when you’re back. Pure Latitude doesn’t involve any of this!

Most boat owners use their boats no more than 25 days per year, whilst Pure Latitude membership plans range from £395-895 per month to provide the same level of usage.

Annual cost comparison: Ownership Vs. Club membership

OWNERSHIP PURCHASE COSTS 34′ Sailboat 33′ Motorboat
Boat and equipment £150,000 £175,000
Cost of capital (5%) & depreciation (7%)  £18,000  £21,000
Mooring, Insurance and Maintenance  £13,620  £14,250
Annual Cost of Ownership  £31,620  £35,250



Want to compare different options for getting afloat?

Evaulate your suitability for Charter, Ownership or a Boat Share Club with our quick interactive quiz.

Pure Latitude is such a great way to enjoy sailing, no worries about maintenance and the simple online booking system makes it easy to choose a boat and get out on the water.

Clare, member since 2015

Frequently asked questions

When I book a boat, how long is it available to me for?

When you book a boat for a day, it is available to you for a 24 hour period. So if you book for a Saturday, it is available to you from 7pm Friday until 7pm Saturday.

Members can book anything from 1-8 consecutive days in a single block, so overnight stays and multi day trips are a popular choice with our members.

What is the length of the contract commitment?

Standardly we offer 12 month plans, but please get in touch to understand the discounts available for a longer commitment.

What qualifications or experience do I need?

We recognise that qualifications are only an indicator of proficiency and our members have a wide range of experience levels and hold a variety of formal qualifications. In short, we require you to demonstrate a basic competence in skippering the boats you wish to use. For both our sailing yachts and motorboats, the guideline minimum is RYA Dayskipper theory and practical certificates plus 5 days skippering experience in UK tidal waters. For outboard driven powerboats the minimum requirement is RYA Powerboat Level 2, plus 2 days skippering experience in UK tidal waters.

Remember that, whatever your experience, we can provide the necessary training to get you to the required level of competence.

If I renew my membership, what happens to any unused points from the previous booking period, season or year?

Points cannot be carried over. We commit to a high level of fixed cost based on the demand that members sign up to and this cost is largely unaffected by usage. Membership is like ownership in this sense - but substantially cheaper and with more flexibility.

Am I insured?

Yes, all boats are insured for accidental damage. Members are liable for repair costs up to a maximum of £2000.

What safety standards do you operate to?

It goes without saying that safety is paramount and we believe our standards to be amongst the highest in the industry. All our boats are MCA coded so carry all the required safety gear and indeed exceed commercial standards in many areas. We operate a proactive maintenance programme with frequent and regular inspections.

Can I see the fleet?

Yes simply call the office on 02380 001234 to arrange a visit at your convenience. We also hold open days for you to talk to current PL members and see the booking system live.