Direct debit is the simple and convenient way to pay your Pure Latitude bills.


The easiest method is through FastPay’s BACS approved online portal. It’s Pure Latitude specific and meets all direct debit regulations.

If preferred, you can also sign up over the phone or by a paper mandate. Please call the office on 02380 001234 if you prefer either of these options.

Direct Debit FAQ’s

What do I need to do to sign up for direct debit?

Simply complete the online direct debit mandate through the link above.

How will I know I have successfully registered for Direct Debit?

You will receive a confirmation mail from the Fastpay portal to confirm your details have been safely processed.

Who are FastPay?

FastPay are an established BACS approved Bureau and BACS affiliate. Pure Latitude has contracted with FastPay for our direct debit service.

When will I receive my bills and when will Pure Latitude collect the payments?

We’ll send you an advance billing notification on the 19th of the month prior to the collection of payments on the 1st of the following month.

Please note that if you sign up to direct debit after the 19th of a month, you will still need to pay any bills outstanding at that time in the normal way. The first direct debit collection will be applied to the bills we send you on the 19th of the following month.

Which membership bills will Pure Latitude collect by direct debit?

We’ll collect any monthly service bill that is due and if you’ve opted to pay for your membership plan by monthly installments we will collect that at the same time.

What happens to my standing order?

If you currently have a standing order running with Pure Latitude, it’s important you remember to cancel it.

I pay for my membership in an annual installment – do I need to sign up?

Yes, we will collect any monthly service bill for your account via direct debit.

What happens if Pure Latitude collect the wrong amount?

You will receive a billing notification stating the amount due ten days prior to collection – this leaves you plenty of time to query any bills. In the unlikely event of an error, the direct debit guarantee means you would receive a refund.

Does signing up to direct debit affect my membership terms?

No, we are simply collecting the contracted payments via direct debit. At renewal, the new membership contract will need to be signed prior to any collections being made relating to the new membership period.

Will I need to sign up to direct debit again at renewal?

No, you only need to sign up once. All future membership payments will then be collected that way.