Flexible boating to suit you

 buy points to spend on the type of boating you enjoy

Our unique points system provides truly flexible boating. You simply choose how and when to spend your points – on boats, skippers and a wide choice of events and training options. The more points you buy, the better value they are.

Click our pricing scale to see the typical usage volume for your monthly budget.

  • 300 10 days £395
  • 450 15 days £555
  • 600 20 days £695
  • 750 25 days £795
  • 900 30 days £895
  • £395 1
  • £555 2
  • £695 3
  • £795 4
  • £895 5


Annual points:


Typical annual usage:

10 days

Monthly cost:

£ 395 /monthly


Annual points:


Typical annual usage:

15 days

Monthly cost:

£ 555 /monthly


Annual points:


Typical annual usage:

20 days

Monthly cost:

£ 695 /monthly


Annual points:


Typical annual usage:

25 days

Monthly cost:

£ 795 /monthly


Annual points:


Typical annual usage:

30 days

Monthly cost:

£ 895 /monthly

What can I spend my points on?

Exclusive use of boats

Skippers (if required)

Training & RYA courses

Crew events

Yacht racing


450 points (£555/month) buys around 15 days on the water, spread across the year:

Competent skipper

Take your friends and family sailing on a range of boats from a variety of locations. Join adventure cruises, specialist training days or even racing with other members.

Typical usage: 15 days

Training focus

Start with some bespoke training on a 1:1 or shared basis, complemented by some experience building events, before moving on to skippering with your own crew.

Typical usage: 13 days

Skippered boating

Prefer someone else to take responsibility for the boat whilst you crew, learn or simply sit back and enjoy the ride? Book a skipper with your boat or join any of our event days.

Typical usage: 18 days

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FAQ's - Plans and Pricing

Can I use my full annual points allocation to go boating in a single summer month?

No. A key facet of any shared use scheme is the ability to get boat at times that suit you – thus we carefully manage supply and demand to ensure good availability for all. Our seasonal booking calendar is an important tool in achieving this. Annual fleet membership points are allocated equally across three seasons (4 month blocks: High = May-August, Mid = Mar-Apr & Sep-Oct and Low = Nov-Feb) and they need to be used in the season to which they are allocated.

Is there a club joining fee?

Yes, There is a one-off club joining fee of £995 which applies to all new members and anyone rejoining after a break in membership.

Are there any extra costs?

Your membership includes fully equipped and maintained boats, home berthing, insurance, access to our event programme and much more. Additional charges apply as follows:

Fuel is included on sailboats and riverboats but metered and charged on motorboats.

We make a charge per engine hour run. Sailboats £6/hour, riverboat and smaller motorboats £12/hour and larger motorboats £18/hour/engine.

Skippers are available for a points charge or at £255/ day

Accessories such as dinghies, outboards, spinnakers plus cleaning and catering options are available at extra cost.

Can I save money by paying annually?

Yes, annual payment in advance brings a 5% discount.

Can I share my membership with a friend?

Yes, we offer joint memberships at the extra cost of £50/month for each additional member that has independent booking access to the account. Get in touch to find out more and discuss whether this is applicable to your situation.

Can I customise my plan to fit me?

Absolutely. Our standard prices cover the needs of most members but we also offer bespoke options for anyone who wants something just a bit different.

Does the size of the boat, or the days I go boating, affect which is the right plan for me?

Yes, bigger boats cost more than smaller boats and weekend days cost more than weekdays. If you're planning to use our biggest boats and or mainly go boating at weekends, then we recommend a larger plan. Click on the blue 'Points and Charges' button above for further details.

Can I buy through my business?

Yes, we offer corporate memberships. Call to discuss how we can tailor a membership for your business.

Do you have ownership plans?

Yes, we offer bespoke arrangements for owners which can dramatically lower your cost of boating. Get in touch for details.

FAQ's - Competency and Training

How do I become familiar with the operation of the boats?

When you first join, we want to get you on the water as quickly as possible and provide a free midweek day of access to boats and an instructor, for the purposes of induction and competence assessment.

If you have relevant skippering skills and experience, we'll schedule the day to cover our club processes, berth location characteristics and help you get into the detail of the boat systems, before checking your competence on the boats you initially want to start using. If you need to undertake some training before you start skippering, we simply schedule the club induction and assessment day to run following completion of the training.

When you are ready to expand your range of boats, you can self induct or we’ll conduct an assessment/ provide further training as appropriate. Rest assured, we will always streamline your journey through our competence process to fit your previous experience.

I'm a qualified day skipper but want to improve certain skills with further training. Is this included?

Yes, and it's a very popular service. Booking an instructor to help you improve specific key skills, complete an RYA training course, upskill on a new boat type, or get you and your crew working efficiently together can really help your boating become more enjoyable. Instructors are charged at 2o points or £255 per day.

Alternatively, you can join any of our training events - ideal for upping your game across a range of specific key skill areas. See our event calendar for more details.

I'm new to boating. Do you offer RYA training courses?

Yes, we are a recognised RYA training centre. To become a competent and confident skipper we offer a mentored training plan which includes experience building, your RYA day skipper qualification and a number of days skippering the boats. Get in touch for full details.


Call 02380 001234 to discuss which membership plan would be right for you. Many prospective members also like to book a visit to see the boats and meet our team - simply call the number above or complete the form below to book your visit. There's no hard sell - our boats do the talking!