Pure Latitude, based in the Solent, is the UK’s original boat and yacht share club.

Membership is like owning your own fleet, belonging to a yacht club and having access to a top class training centre – all rolled into one.

All our members have one passion in common – a love of boats. If you can’t wait to get out on the water, come and join us. We’re a very relaxed and welcoming bunch.

               EXPLORE MEMBERSHIP               

Choose from an entire fleet of quality sail and motor boats

Part of the joy of belonging to a boat club is having the flexibility to enjoy different boats, as your mood suggests, your destination advises, or as your skills improve. With Pure Latitude, you really can.

Over 15 years we’ve adapted and refined a fair system that delivers excellent availability of sail and motor boats, in a range of locations, to all our members.

Fair and flexible access for all members

Our sharing model ensures you can get out on the water whenever your meeting is cancelled, your family descends, or adventure calls. Membership doesn’t just make boating easy – it makes it fun, exhilarating, social and supportive.

Whenever you want to sail, or whatever ambitions you want to achieve, we’ll support you every leg of your voyage.

What our members say on google review

“Pure Latitude really have thought of everything. There’s a great range of boats and locations, excellent availability even in peak season, and lots of cruising and social sailing for those who want to join in..”

@ Jim S

“Pure Latitude has been a wonderful boating experience for my family and myself. A ‘human’ company that really cares about its members; we have loved our first year, and look forward to many more.”

@ Chris L

“Hassle free boating, expert advice, access to a wide range of boats, training and social events. And so much more affordable than owning your own boat. I wouldn’t be sailing if it wasn’t for Pure Latitude.”

@ Mark T

Join for the boats and stay for the experiences and friends

All our members have one passion in common – a love of boats. If you can’t wait to get out on the water, come and join us.

Our comprehensive range of training opportunities will provide a clear pathway to your goals, whether that is skippering your own boat, brushing up your skills, or gaining RYA qualifications.

And if you choose, you can do all this with the support and camaraderie of fellow members.

Read our member stories – and start writing your own

The most important reason we sail: A trip to Mupe Bay

“Silence – except for the gentle clanging of rope on the mast. Heading up on deck, still befuddled by sleep, it felt like we had entered another world. A paradise with blue water, rugged cliffs and not a soul in sight.

Rubbing my eyes, I could make out the haunched figures of Vince, Mandy and John against the blazing sunshine – sitting together on the back of the boat – not a word emanating. Fishing rods in hand, their comfortable silence conveyed the easy tranquility of the bay.”