In this section:

1.           Introduction

2.           Shared practical training

3.           Bespoke practical training

4.           Shorebased training

1. Introduction

Pure Latitude provides a wide range of training options to help you develop your boating skills and get the most out of your time on the water. You benefit from learning in the same location and on the same high-quality boats that you skipper as a Pure Latitude member.

Pure Latitude’s training options, built from years of experience, add real value to your membership and we encourage you, whatever your level, to take advantage. We became a “recognised” RYA Training Centre in 2011 and offer the full range of RYA practical training courses from Powerboat level 2, through day and coastal skipper to yachtmaster offshore.

We all know that learning doesn’t end when you complete a course and when it comes to boating, experience is everything. Whilst the formal RYA qualifications are great to have, and help ensure you have the range of knowledge needed at each level, it’s having a way to practice, test and develop your skills during a regular day on the water that turns knowledge into expertise.

Many Pure Latitude members find that a blend of both our shared and bespoke training options is a cost-effective and efficient way to progress their journey as a skipper.

2. Shared practical training

The Pure Latitude event calendar offers a wide range of practical training days. Whether you are looking to build experience towards an RYA course, complete an RYA qualification or practice key skills as a qualified skipper, our shared cost training events are designed to help you become a more proficient boater:

• RYA courses

• Berthing practise

• Electronic navigation

• Boat systems in detail

• Night navigation

• Spinnaker training

• Sail trim masterclasses

Please note that the other event categories (Social, Adventure and Race) are also opportunities to extend knowledge and experience, but without a specific training theme.

All Pure Latitude training event days are run with a professional RYA instructor onboard and provide great value shared cost training. They are also a great way to meet other members and build your boating network.

3. Bespoke practical training

Bespoke tuition can cover any skill or qualification you prefer and provides the flexibility for you to choose the days and boats you train on. The training is solely focused on your own individual strengths and weaknesses – allowing the syllabus and rate of progression to be tailored in line with your previous experience.

Whether you’re looking to build experience, complete an RYA qualification or engage in specific key skill training – our bespoke training options are a really efficient way to learn.

If desired, you can bring family, friends and crew to benefit from bespoke tuition at no extra cost (The boat and instructor are at your exclusive disposal). Bespoke tuition is a popular option for skippers and crew wanting to hone their skills together under the guidance of a professional instructor – before they head off on their own adventures.


Mentored training plans

Offering all the benefits of our bespoke training options, our mentored training plans provide a pathway designed to reach your personal boating goals. We tailor the training to meet your needs, starting with a thorough skills assessment, and then put together a one-off programme to achieve your goals. Examples include:

• Beginners: Embark on a programme of experience building prior to taking your Day Skipper qualification and starting to skipper for yourself.

• Aspiring skippers: Refresh previous experience before gaining your RYA Day Skipper qualification and starting to skipper.

• Experienced: Build a programme covering your preferred key skills areas to include passage making, heavy weather sailing, sail trim, spinnaker training and lots more!

Bespoke training rates

Bespoke tuition is charged at the daily point rate for the boat plus the instructor. All of our ancillary rates, including the Instructor charge, can be found here.


Please contact our Chief Instructor and Training Manager to discuss your specific requirements and book.


4. Shorebased training

Pure Latitude offer online theory courses through our RYA recognised training partner – Skippers online:

The courses available are:

• RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship

• RYA Day Skipper Theory

• RYA Coastal / Yachtmaster Theory

• RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

Learn at your own pace with easy-to-use courses delivered online. You choose which module to work on, when and where. Benefiting from the latest online technology, course content has been adapted specifically for distance learning. You can track your progress and you have 24/7 access to RYA Yachtmaster qualified shorebased instructors who can help you with any questions.