Refuelling and Gas

Ensure boats have adequate fuel and gas by following these procedures.


Fuel is not charged on the sailboats or riverboats but is charged on all coastal motor boats.

Pure Latitude pays for all the fuel input to all boats and you will be billed for the fuel you use, as measured by the engine flow meters on coastal motor boats.

You are required to leave the boat with at least 50% fuel level to ensure that the next user can use the boat after the fuel dock has closed.

We have accounts at all base marinas so please refuel at base where possible. Ensure that fuel is charged to our account and contact the office if you have any issues – some inexperienced fuel operatives have been known to deny the existence of the PL account!

If you have to refuel elsewhere (because you are away from base or you are not going to be back before the fuel dock closes) ensure that diesel is bought at the correct rate i.e. 60/40 for motor boats and 0% duty for river and sail boats (VAT number 925010368 if needed). Pass the fuel receipts on to Pure Latitude for reimbursement. If you buy at the wrong rate, you will be charged for any additional costs.

A refuel charge will apply if we have to refuel on your behalf.


Switching on the service battery will enable the gas alarm i.e. it is not enabled until the batteries are on.

Do read the gas safety message by the stove.

Turn the gas bottle valve off at night and when you leave the boat.

Only turn on the internal gas tap when you need to use the stove and turn it off when you have finished.

Please do not swap a cylinder and then forget about the empty one. Replace empty cylinders (shake first to use the last of the gas) or if you are unable to replace gas it is essential that you inform Pure Latitude. Pass the gas cylinder receipt on to Pure Latitude for reimbursement.