There are multiple ways to tie up a boat. Please use this guide so that we all consistently secure the boat the same way.

Always try to tie the boat so that the centre line of the boat is parallel to the pontoon. Consider the range of possible tide and wind conditions when you tie the boat up.

Generally, each boat has 5 mooring lines:

  • 1 x short (good for stern line),
  • 1 x medium (good for 2nd bow/stern line depending on which way parked i.e. the ‘offside’ one)
  • 2 x long (good for bow line and springs).
  • 1 x medium (spare)

Secure the boat as follows:

  • bow line to pontoon cleat oxo and then take back to the mid cleat onboard to form a bow spring
  • stern line to pontoon cleat oxo and then take forward to the mid cleat onboard to form a stern spring
  • Add second offside bow or stern line using a bowline on pontoon cleat and excess back on board and coil
  • Add second backup spring to prevent boat from moving towards the pontoon walkway, again leaving excess on board
  • Ensure fenders are set to the correct heights – generally 4 close to the water on the pontoon side and 2 higher on the other side to protect against boats


  • Coil lines neatly and keep off the deck. Do not make pretty spirals on the deck or dock
  • Ensure excess line is on the boat and do not leave stray lines on the dock.