Checking on and off

We have a simple online form that logs the condition of the boat and serves as a checklist.

Please log in to the Member Portal to complete the check-on form within 30 minutes of arriving at the boat (and always before setting sail) and the check-off form at the end of your trip (and always before you leave the boat and by the end of your booking period).


Here are some checks to perform when you use the boats. They will help you get started but we strongly recommend you also use them every time you go boating. Preparation makes for a better day on the water!

  • Checks before you set off
  • Cleaning
  • Packing up the boat

1. Checks before you set off

Remove dehumidifier (winter only) and store in car
Check the bilges for water
Check VHF handheld radio and search light and charge them if necessary
Check fresh water tank(s) level and top up if necessary
Check the spare gas cylinder and replace if necessary
Check all hatches are closed
Ensure seacocks set as required
Set up MOB sling, ensign, winch handles and take down Pure Latitude flag (don’t forget the salute)
Ensure anchor is stowed and pinned, and locate electric windlass if you plan to anchor
Know safety equipment location
Turn on VHF radio / radio check
Complete engine checks, start engine, check cooling water and run for minimum 2 minutes
Gearbox – check operates in forward and reverse
Disconnect shore power (dock end first)
Prepare lines to slip and adjust fenders for departure

2. Cleaning the boat

Below deck

Wipe down all surfaces in the heads. Rinse heads with fresh water and pump 30 times to clear the long anti-siphon hoses
Wipe down all surfaces in the galley and fridge, and leave the fridge door open/venting
Wipe down all cabin and saloon surfaces
Sweep/vacuum all floors and companionway steps
Empty the rubbish bin

Above deck

Clean anchor and chain so the chain locker is free of any mud
Wash and scrub down decks and cockpit including under sprayhood and all deck fittings and winches
Hose down topsides/hull with fresh water to remove salt

3. Packing up the boat

Ensure mooring lines are correct with springs and fenders as per boat mooring diagram
Raise Pure Latitude flag/banner
Remove ensign and MOB sling and stow in saloon
Connect shore power (boat end first)
Tidy all halyards, sheets and mooring warps and lift off deck
Ensure holding tank empty and seacock open
Check gas is turned off at galley shutoff valve and at gas bottle. If you have used the spare gas cylinder you must inform Pure Latitude and make every attempt to replace it.
If lifejackets are wet leave out in the saloon to dry
Turn off heater and allow to cool down for minimum of 5 minutes before turning battery off
Set up, switch on and check dehumidifier running (winter only)
Place VHF handheld and search light on charge
Ensure all switches and batteries are off
Ensure water heater 240v switch is off
Close and lock all hatches
Replace any wheel, table and instrument covers

Additional sailboat checks 

Attach main halyard to end of boom
Shake out reefs
Flake mainsail tidily and zip up stack pack
Ensure headsail is furled tidily so UV protector covers sail, sheets are wrapped once around forestay and locked on winch to prevent unfurling
Remove winch handles and stow in correct place
Lock wheel in centre