If you have any kind of incident (e.g. collision with a boat or pontoon, grounding, MOB) you must immediately:

  • Make the boat and crew safe.
  • Take details of any third parties (even if you are sure there is no damage).
  • If possible photograph the area of contact, even if undamaged. Most marina incidents get captured on CCTV or reported by a witness and sometimes we need evidence that no damage was incurred.
  • Advise Pure Latitude, by phone if appropriate or by email if minor, and use the incident forms which are on board.
  • Comply with any marina regulations (usually a report form)

Any incident should be reported no matter how small it may seem.

Managing faults

We need to know asap when things go wrong. For non-service impacting issues or concerns about the boat please email the office with as many details as possible. For service impacting issues please call the office number which is manned for extended hours. Below is some guidance of dealing with common faults.

Engine problem
Depending on the circumstances, assess immediate risks to boat/crew and take action to mitigate them. The priority is to manage the safety of the boat and crew. In the event of complete breakdown then check alarms, visually inspect the engine for obvious issues and try to determine if the prop is fouled. Call Pure Latitude in the first instance for guidance, failing that then Seastart directly if you are in the coverage area or ultimately the coastguard. Avoid salvage claims by not taking tows.

If you experience an engine alarm then, after first assessing all risks, manage the situation to minimise engine damage. For oil warning alarms do not delay: stop the engine at soon as it is safe to do so. For overheat alarms, check for cooling water flow and then shut down engine. If no flow, check strainer and then pump impeller. For alternator alarm, try revving higher to test if belt slip.

Seastart supply marine breakdown assistance for the South Coast and North France only. They can rectify engine faults, deal with a prop wrap, and tow to home berth if required.

Telephone number 01489 557364 or Freephone 0800 885500

Or use VHF channel 16 to contact the coastguard, who will then pass on your details to Seastart.

Steering problem
If your steering has failed, the first thing to do is check the rudder stock and steering quadrant for an errant bucket, dinghy, line or other obstruction. If it seems to be clear, it’s probably the linkage. If the boat has an autopilot that has a direct linkage to the steering quadrant, this might restore control. If not, locate the emergency tiller (detailed in the specific boat guide) and rudder stock, and slide the tiller on to the steering post. There can be a significant load on the tiller.