Charges, damage and billing

In this section:

1.           Introduction

2.           Additional charges

3.           Damage liability

4.           Billing structure

1. Introduction

Your monthly or annual membership fee provides an allocation of points that you can spend on the main services we provide: boats, instructors and events.

There are also additional cash charges for engine use, fuel on the motorboats, any damage that occurs during a booking and a range of other optional services you may wish to take advantage of. We also provide the option to pay for instructors and events at a cash rate (if you would prefer to use your points for boat bookings).

All additional cash charges are billed in line with our standard invoicing structure as described in the relevant section below.

2. Additional charges

These are the current charges valid from 1st September 2019. If you joined PL before you may pay slightly different rates. All prices are inclusive of VAT.


Rate (£)



Engine charges and fuel
Sail (all boats) 6 Hour Includes fuel
Riverboat 12 Hour Includes fuel
Rib 12 Hour Metered fuel
Axopar 28 18 Hour Metered fuel
Antares 30 18 Hour Metered fuel
Prestige 36 18 Hour per engine Metered fuel
Fuel POA Litre Contact us for current rates
Refueling charge 30 Boat Applies if boat left <1/2 full
Instructor 255 Day Or 20 points
Instructor 140 Half day Or 12 points
Instructor 45 Hour Or 4 points
Wet weather gear 12 Day
Spinnaker 24 Day + £48
Dinghy 12 Day + £12
Outboard 12 Day + £12
Paddelboard 24 Day + £12
Sail (all boats) 75 Boat
Rib 40 Boat
Axopar 28 60 Boat
Antares 30 75 Boat
Prestige 36 95 Boat
Stevens 34 (Windsor) 75 Boat
Repair labour 36 Hour
Damage liability per big incident £2000 Incident Capped at £2000
Catering POA

3. Damage liability

Your membership subscription includes insurance but you are liable for our insurance excess for any damage that occurs during your booking. This liability is capped at £2000 for any big incident.

The reality is that most incidents are fairly minor, such as a bent stanchion or gelcoat scratch, and in such instances we fix these in house and charge you at cost.


4. Billing structure

At the start of each 12 month membership period, you will be offered the choice between monthly or annual payment for your membership fees. Annual payment brings a 5% discount, whilst monthly payment requires x12 individual monthly payments.

If you choose monthly payment, you will receive an invoice on the 1st of each month – due on the 7th. Please note that we do not run direct debits, so we request members to set up a recurring standing order to cover their monthly subscription payment.

In addition, you will also receive a monthly invoice for any ‘additional charges’ that you may have incurred during the previous month of usage – as per the table above. You will receive a separate invoice for these, which is again sent on the 1st of the month – due on the 7th.

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