Welcome to the Member Portal

This portal is your ‘go to’ resource for all membership matters. It is structured in 3 sections:

  • The menu bar lets you manage your account and book boats.
  • The information hub provides detailed guidance on procedures, marinas and boats.
  • The section below highlights current items we think will be useful to you.

Please take a look around and let us have your feedback, ideas and requests. Of course you can always email or call us for anything that you can’t find here.

Make sure your boating is Covid safe

Last updated 30/3/21

Crew Match

A great way to meet other members, get afloat with experienced crew and share the cost.

Base & Boat Guides

All boat and base guides have been redesigned and updated to make them clearer and more navigable. Please use them and let us have your feedback.

Essential “Must Know” Procedures

Remind yourself of the procedures to follow which ensure the boats are clean, fault free and ready for you to enjoy.

Getting signed off to use boats

View the process to follow in order to access additional boats on your account.


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Member Information Hub

All the nuts and bolts of membership including important operational documentation and guides to membership.


Whether you want to train, explore, race or socialise – find out whats coming up on the event calendar.