South Coast Destinations

If you love the freedom of the sea, take a moment to explore the possibilities for your next adventure on the water.

Enjoy our pick of some hidden South Coast gems. Previously forgotten in the rush to reach far flung places, maybe now is the time to rediscover some of the wonders right on our marine doorstep.

Scilly Isles are about escape

Just 25 miles from Land’s End, the Scillies are laid back in a way we have long forgotten. As you enter St Mary’s harbour you immediately feel the vibe as you see boats coming and going between the many stunning hideaways around this archipelago.

Hugh Town, the capital(!) is worth a wander and the place to provision, but head to the more remote islands to really escape. St Agnes is great for walks and stunning views across to Samson, Bryher and Tresco.

Pick up a visitors buoy on the north side of Tresco and visit Cromwell’s castle, New Grimsby, the famous Abbey Gardens and wander back to the New Inn for superb ales and cooking.

Ideal for: Couples and friends wanting a 4/5 day escape.

Our top tip: St Martins – pick up a mooring and land at the hotel quay. Stroll through Lower Town, a world apart from St Mary’s, let alone the mainland and return to the Round Island bistro for excellent local seafood.

Chapmans pool is about chilling

It’s not easy to reach Chapman’s Pool, on Dorset’s Jurassic coast, without a boat and it therefore rewards visitors with a remote and calm tranquility. There’s no facilities, other than a beautiful beach and idyllic snorkelling conditions. Chapman’s Pool is an ideal lunch stop/day trip or for more experienced boaters can be enjoyed overnight in favourable conditions.

Ideal for: Crews who enjoy natural surrounds..

Our top tip: Chapman’s Pool is exposed to the South so is best enjoyed in very calm conditions or when Northerly winds prevail.

Bembridge is about Beaches

Nestling at the Eastern tip of the Isle of Wight, Bembridge harbour offers easy walking access to several beautiful beaches (that many visitors seem to miss).

Priory Bay (pictured) is just a short ten minute stroll around the headline from the marina at low tide and offers a wide open expanse of sand and great swimming – the ideal spot for a BBQ and to let the kids run free.

Ideal for: Families and kids on a 2/3 day trip.

Our top tip: Don’t miss the Best Dressed Crab in Bembridge harbour for some outstanding local seafood.

Studland is about Seascapes

The wide but well-protected anchorage at Studland Bay, Dorset provides marvellous panoramic sea views as far as the Needles to the East and to the rocks of Old Harry in the South.

Head ashore and you’ll find an enormous sandy National Trust beach, which has numerous designated BBQ areas. It’s a wonderful playground and a great stop – both for lunch and overnight.

Ideal for: All crews.

Our top tip: Overnighting at anchor in Studland Bay is pretty special and it’s well protected. However, you can easily head a couple of miles up into Poole harbour if you need a full range of facilities.

Bosham is about relaxtion

Bosham river is a wonderfully peaceful and picturesque spot but is often missed by over-nighting yachts because the quay wall dries at low tide even though deep water swinging moorings are available.

Tucked away in an area of outstanding natural beauty within Chichester harbour, Bosham offers an air of tranquility that busier moorings just don’t deliver. If you’re feeling adventurous, take the tender to the pubs at Itchenor or Bosham quay (at HW).

Ideal for: Couples looking for a quiet getaway.

Our top tip: The quay wall dries so call the harbour master who will allocate a vacant residential swinging mooring.

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