Our unique sharing model

Sailing together since 2007

Before I founded Pure Latitude, my work involved trading global network capacity for telecoms. Telecom networks are all about throughput, efficiency of use, asset values and return on investment. I saw my investment in a 40 foot boat the same way.

When you consider that the average privately-owned sailing yacht or motor boat is used no more than fifteen days each year, it makes total sense to think about more efficient ways to get out on the water.

As a boat owner, I also knew that one boat is really not enough! I needed different boats for different occasions and wanted to cast off from different locations without having to relocate my boat every time.

I knew from the outset I wanted to build a sharing model that delivered greater flexibility and variety than single boat ownership. I was also drawn to the sharing model as a sustainable way to promote boating. It would reduce the environmental impact of what I loved doing, without losing any of the joy.

Fast forward through 15 years of growth and the core principles of Pure Latitude remain: flexibility, availability, support and community.

Martin Gray, Pure Latitude founder

Membership that works for everyone

Pure Latitude has spent 15 years pioneering a membership model that guarantees flexibility and availability of boats to all members.

So when you join us, you genuinely have access to a fleet of sailing and motor boats, from some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Choose from an entire fleet

The flexibility to choose from an entire fleet of sailing yachts and powerboats each time you book is a key part of what makes Pure Latitude unique.

Lunch at your favourite beach restaurant is easier in a powerboat. A weekend away with family and friends is more fun on a yacht. If you like to race, you’ll need something more performance oriented.

The economics of owning a variety of boats are hard to justify for most of us, but when played out in a sharing model it makes perfect sense.

Book a boat when you want one

Being able to get a boat when you want one is at the heart of our continued success. With 15 years of evolution, the Pure Latitude model delivers exceptional short notice availability and excellent booking flexibility.

While promises of unlimited booking and cancellation may appear attractive, such policies harm wider availability for the majority of members.

Built on experience, the Pure Latitude model ensures we deliver fair access and boats when you want them.

Join for the boats and stay for the support

We know that having fun on the water is all about being confident and capable, so you can relax and enjoy the experience with your crew.

Pure Latitude provides the environment you need to achieve your boating goals. We offer RYA training, events, races, and the ability to talk through your plans with other members or the Pure Latitude team.

We share knowledge and support, as well as boats.

Bespoke and group training

We provide an environment for you to enjoy as much support as you need to achieve your boating goals, be that on a private basis or in a small group setting joining one of our popular shared events.

After all, it’s being confident and capable that makes getting out on the water fun and relaxing for both you and your crew.

Our range of boats provide a supportive pathway through which to progress your skills and experience – either through RYA qualifications or bespoke training.

Belong to a community of boaters

Sharing the experience is often what makes getting on the water special. Club membership provides you with the opportunity to get afloat with like-minded boaters, talk through experiences and learn from each other and the Pure Latitude team.

For experienced and developing skippers alike, our range of on the water events are an enjoyable way to try new things and get afloat without having to organise crew.

“The boats are immaculate, membership is flexible and the events offer incredible variety… We didn’t want the hassle of owning our own boat or the substantial running costs so choosing Pure Latitude boat share was a no-brainer”

Jessica, MEMBER SINCE 2019