Operational Notices

This page provides instant access to any recent changes in our procedures and operational matters. it will be updated as and when changes occur so please check when you login. You can also access this page via the links in the member information hub, member portal and our newsletter.

30/07/2021 - Operational issues outside of office hours

Should you have an operational issue outside of standard business hours Monday - Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm, please start by checking the member information hub or our operating manuals, on board the boats, for the resolution. If you can’t find it there, for non-urgent issues please email info@purelatitude.com

For urgent issues please call the main office number on 02380 001234 which will divert to the duty mobile but please be considerate and respectful in your use of this service - it is designed for emergency use only.

30/07/2021 - Axopar Reminder

You must monitor the conditions when underway, and if necessary the side doors and roof should be kept closed to stop salt water spray from entering the saloon and aft cabin areas.

All passengers are to remain inside seated when the boat is underway.

17/07/2021 - Covid 19 lateral flow testing for events and courses

To provide a safe environment for our members and instructors. All participants are required to take a Covid 19 lateral flow test, and receive a negative result, before arriving for their event or training course.

29/06/2021 - Adding ‘Pure Release’, our new Hanse 388, to your approved boat list

As with all new boats you will need to complete a self-induction before taking ‘Pure Release’. This has to be done whilst you are onboard, either before you take her out for the first time, or on a separate visit. The boat guide for ‘Pure release’ will be uploaded to the member's information hub by the 7th July 2021. All members competent on the larger sailboats will have this boat added to their account.

26/06/2021 - ‘Kaboodle’ bookings in Plymouth – Parking, boat keys and berthing

Pure Latitude will cover the parking fee for one car per booking whilst Kaboodle is in Plymouth. Please pay for your parking at the marina office (£4 per day) and submit the receipt with your check-off to be reimbursed. If you are leaving your car overnight then for security reasons you must sign your keys in at the marina office.

Boat keys:
Please sign 'Kaboodle's' boat keys out, as usual, with the marina. If for any reason the marina do not have the keys then a second set will be kept in the gas locker onboard. At the end of your trip please return the keys to wherever you got them from originally.

Berthing in Plymouth is covered for the first and last night of your booking. Any additional nights in the marina will need to be organised and paid for by you. At the end of your booking please radio Queen Anne's Battery on channel 80 to be allocated your berth number. This may not be the same berth that you started from.

21/06/2021 - Pure Schnapps *New berth* at Lymington Yacht Haven

Our Hanse 345 ‘Pure Schnapps’ has now moved to its new berth O42. The new berth is at the end of ‘O’ pontoon with direct access to the Lymington river more space.

21/06/2021 - Taking more care of the boat hoses

Each boat has it own hosepipe and adaptors. They belong with the boat and no parts should be left on the pontoon taps after they have been used. Please take care with the adaptors and make sure they are returned to the boat after use, you will need them in other harbours and for washing down the boat down. The next member on board will also need them! We are regularly finding tap adapters, extension pipes to the reels and sometimes even complete hoses left behind which is time consuming to replace and annoying for you if you are the one missing hose parts when you need them.

20/06/2021 - Port Hamble annual car parking stickers are ready for collection

Port Hamble marina are again issuing car park stickers to members. If you haven’t collected yours already then please ask for it at the marina office the next time you collect your boat keys. Stickers will need to be displayed in your windscreen and temporary passes are still available for one additional car.