Seasons, points and rules

In this section:

1.           Introduction

2.           Booking seasons

3.           Booking a boat

4.           Cancelling a boat

5.           Rib specific conditions

6.           Single handed use conditions  

7.           Additional booking charges

1. Introduction

Your monthly or annual membership fee provides an annual allocation of points which can then be used to ‘buy’ boat usage days, instructor time or event days.

Membership points are allocated to your online account which you access using your supplied username and password. Once logged in you can: check availability, book boats and view your points statement, existing bookings and usage history. Instructors and events are booked through the Pure Latitude office by phone or email.

To help deliver flexibility of usage, we have developed booking procedures and cancellation rules which are designed to enable efficient and fair access to boats, instructors and events. This page explains the rules, procedures and processes for booking boats. This framework forms part of your contract and should be read in conjunction with our General Terms & Conditions.

2. Booking seasons

Your annual allocation of membership points is divided into 3 seasons (3 x 4 month blocks), and all reservations are charged in points to the season in which your booking falls.

• High season – May, June, July, August

• Mid season – March, April, September, October

• Low Season – November, December, January, February

Point conversion rates

Your contract does not allow for the direct carryover of points between seasons or from one membership year to the next. However, for maximum flexibility, we provide the option to exchange points between the seasons within a membership year at the following rates:

• Low to High 3:1

• Low to Mid 2:1

• Mid to High 2:1

To  maximise the value of your membership we recommend using your points in line with the original allocation of points across the 3 seasonal blocks.

Timing of point conversion

You can convert points only within your membership year and only at the season switch times i.e. 1st March, 1st May, 1st September and 1st November. This just keeps the admin more manageable and avoids excessive chopping and changing.

Please let us know by email and by the 7th of the month which conversions you wish to make. You can request any season point conversion and more than one conversion at the same time. If we don’t hear from you by email by then then the option to convert in this period will lapse.

3.     Booking a boat

Basic Rules

Daily points charges are flat throughout the year, fixed for the duration of your membership year and are charged as published on the website at time of joining. Please note that the published prices listed on the website may have changed since you joined and therefore differ from the rates you are being charged.

Weekend and weekdays are charged differentially.

UK national holidays are charged as weekend days.

Boats are booked for 24-hour slots, beginning & ending at 19.00 each day.

Boats can be booked from 1 to 8 days.

Consecutive days running into the following booking period are allowed when the number of days booked in the following period does not exceed the number booked in the current period. These must be booked in a single booking.

Only one boat can be booked by a member at any one time except for the rib which can be booked at the same time as another boat.

View current daily point charges


How to book

Boat are booked via the booking system within the member portal.

Events, instructors and accessories are booked by emailing or calling the office. Please see the relevant section within the member information hub for further booking and cancellation details on these services.

When you have logged in to your online account, the booking page allows you to see availability for multiple boats simultaneously, and to book the boats that you are qualified for within your point allocation.

The system calendar shows availability and uses a colour code as follows:

• Green = available

• Blue = booked by you

• Red = booked by another

• Orange = booked for PL event / contact office for availability

• Purple = booked for maintenance / contact office for availability

When you confirm the booking for your preferred boat and date, you will receive a confirmation email and your points balance is adjusted. Boats can be booked by another member up to the time you confirm.


Standard booking window

A rolling two month booking period operates. Members may make bookings in a window any time from two months before the period commences. Bookings open on the first day of the month at 00.00 hrs. Within the window bookings operate on a first come first served basis.

The periods and booking times are as follows:


Booking period Jan/Feb Mar/April May/June July/Aug Sept/Oct Nov/Dec
Season Low season Mid season High season High season Mid season Low season
Booking opens 1st Nov 1st Jan 1st Mar 1st May 1st July 1st Sep


Long range booking

A long-range booking option allows you to book further into the future. These are limited to one booking per membership year. Members may in each membership year may make one long range booking forward of the booking window. Long range bookings may be made up until the end of a membership year. Bookings beyond the membership year may be made by purchasing further membership years in advance.

4. Cancelling a boat

Member cancellation

Booked slots may be cancelled at any time via the member login, in which case they are automatically made available to other members. If such cancelled slots are subsequently booked by other members then points are automatically reimbursed, otherwise the booking is charged and the boat remains available to the original booking member, who has to reinstate the booking on the system before using the boat.

The intention of the policy is to prevent speculative booking and to make it as fair as possible. If you need to cancel and feel that your cancellation has not deprived another member of a boat, then call the office to discuss and we’ll help where we can.


PL cancellation

Pure Latitude will not cancel except for unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. In the unlikely event that changes to the advertised programme are necessary Pure Latitude reserves the right to make such changes as required. Pure Latitude reserves the right to substitute another vessel of similar type for the advertised one at its discretion or cancel, for any reason including weather conditions and maintenance of the vessel.

5. Rib specific conditions

Rib booking sessions are day and evening, with changeover at 5.00pm. They are booked in the normal way through the online calendar and each slot appears as a boat in its own right. If you want to take the boat for a whole day, you’ll need to book the boat for both time slots.

You cannot use the rib between sundown and sunrise without the express written permission of Pure Latitude, and, with permission, you can use an afternoon slot to go somewhere and the following morning slot to return.

6. Single handed use conditions

We appreciate that some members may occasionally wish to use the smaller boats on a single handed basis. Single handed use is permitted under the following conditions:

Member has demonstrable single handed competence (training available).

Vessel’s intended destination, course and estimated time of arrival to be notified to Pure Latitude 24hours before use.

Confirmed receipt of plan and express permission has been given in writing to the member.

Lifejacket (and where relevant kill cord) to be worn when aboard the vessel at all times.

Arrival at destination to be notified to Pure Latitude by voice or email. In case of day trip notification on arrival back at Hamble is adequate. In case of longer bookings, notification at end of each single handed day is required.

7. Additional booking charges

All bookings and training are subject to an hourly engine charge, plus metered fuel on the motor boats. In addition, optional cash extras include dinghies, outboards, spinnakers, pre-booked cleaning and additional competency checks – all of which are invoiced at the end of the month of usage. You can also elect for events and instructors to be charged in cash and added to this supplementary monthly invoice.

Please click on the link below to view full details of additional cash charges, our billing structure and damage liability details.

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