Navigating the new normal

In this section:

1.           Current operational status

2.           Booking guidelines

3.           Operational guidelines

4.           Member obligations

5.           Training and event guidelines


1. Operational status: 05/01/21

As the Covid-19 storm evolves, we continue to monitor and update our procedures to ensure our boating operations are aligned with current government guidance. Our status is:

Not operational. Please contact us for details.

You must comply with government Covid guidelines, including your local tier guidance, at all times.

• Session times are 8pm – 7pm. Please note our normal session start time of 7pm is delayed by 1 hour in order to facilitate changeover sanitisation.

• Port Hamble fuel dock is by appointment only. Call direct on 02380 452741 to book your slot.

We are doing our best to interpret the guidelines, prioritise the safety of members, staff and any 3rd parties, whilst assisting you to go boating. In deciding to head afloat, you have to interpret all relevant guidelines and how they apply to your own personal circumstances.

2. Booking guidelines

Boats: Boat bookings are to be made in the normal way through your online account. You must operate the boats within the guidelines in place at the time you take the boat.

Bespoke Tuition: 1:1 training is currently available. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

Events: We can currently only mix with other households outdoors on a 1:1 basis – hence all events are on hold until further notice.

Cancellation: Our covid cancellation policy safeguards your points in the event that you can’t enjoy your booking due to Covid.


3. Operational guidelines

Our objective is to manage the risk of virus transmission sufficiently to enable safe boat usage. This will require additional procedures and practices that we and you must follow.

NEW procedures

Permitted passages

• Standard PL guidelines apply to all passages.

Access and bases

• Boat keys (with attached car park/facilities entry cards) are in the gas locker of each boat (helm console on Rib and grab bag in heads on Axopar). You will need pontoon access codes at Plymouth and Lymington which can be obtained by calling the marina.

• At Port Hamble, please park in the short stay bays just outside the MDL car park barrier and head directly to the boat to retrieve the boat keys from the gas locker. You can then access the berth holders car park and marina facilities with the card attached to the boat keys.

• Please check the latest guidance from the relevant marina operator for the latest information regarding on-site facilities including washrooms.

• No member visits to any marina office or the Pure Latitude office.


• Port Hamble fuel dock is operating restricted open times from 9am-5pm and importantly on an appointment basis only, with 2 slots per hour. To refuel, please contact the marina direct on 02380 452741 to book a slot that is convenient to you. We recognise that these restrictions mean that it may not be convenient to refuel on your return, so we ask that you plan as best you can to ensure the boats still return with at least 50%. Please consider fuelling on the way out or fuelling at other locations as appropriate.

• In addition, we will endeavour to refuel boats when they are idle but it may not always be possible for motor boats (consume far more fuel) that have consecutive bookings. If you want to know the fuel state of a boat the day before your booking then please email us.

Cleaning and Sanitising

PL members are required to clean down the interior and exterior of the boat after their booking – in line with standard procedure. However, in order to provide access to the boats as safely as possible, and in addition to our standard cleaning schedule, Pure Latitude staff will take extra precautionary measures between each use to ensure our boats remain clean and hygienic, including:

After each use (ALL BOATS)

• Exterior sanitise (Boat key, wheel, throttle, engine controls, winches/handles, chartplotter and instrument buttons)

• Interior sanitisation of all surfaces via a sprayed disinfectant solution to include cabins and sleeping areas.


• Interior and exterior clean and sanitise

• Air boats

Sanitising products

PL will supply hand sanitiser gel in galley, hand soap in heads and disinfectant solutions onboard to assist members in leaving the boat ready for the next user. The standard range of cleaning products will also be onboard.

4. Member obligations

Covid 19 Symptoms

If you experience Covid symptoms before your booking do not visit a PL boat. If you experience symptoms within 7 days of being on a boat then you must inform us immediately. If in doubt, inform us.

In the marina

• Maintain the government advised distance from other people outside your group.

• Do not enter the marina office.

• Don’t congregate around the marina or use the washrooms unless you can be sure to maintain social distancing measures.

• Consider gloves when handling trolleys, key pads or shared facilities.

• Limit your boat to your crew only and avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines.

On the boat

• When using PL lifejackets and harness lines, it is essential that they are neatly left together in the saloon table (or on helm seat for powerboats) at the end of your booking for us to sanitise.

• Avoid use of galley equipment and food prep on board by bringing your own galley equipment or eating ashore. If you do eat onboard, we suggest picnic style food with your own cutlery and please take away your washing up. If you do need to use the galley equipment onboard, it is essential that you wash it thoroughly in hot water before and after use.

• Minimise the volume of kit you bring to only that which is necessary

When underway

• Take no unnecessary risks. Keep your plans simple to assist the simple pleasure of being back on the water.

Returning to your home berth

• Follow the same guidelines as when you left in the morning.

• Pack away the boat, taking meticulous care to leave the boat as clean as possible.

• Ensure you head home in accordance with our restricted booking times.

Importantly, if you wish to use the boats, it is your responsibility to ensure you follow the government guidelines and plan your boating accordingly

Personal hygiene

• We recognise it is difficult to 100% sanitise a boat with all its complex surfaces. It is therefore imperative that you sanitise yourself before boarding. Use your own hand sanitiser before getting on board and take precautions to ensure your clothing and kit is clean.

• Clean your hands throughout the day with your own soap and hot water or hand sanitiser.

• Use hand sanitiser as necessary when on board.

• Use disposable cleaning cloths where possible and remove any used cleaning cloths.

5. Training and event guidelines for the Covid environment (when available)

Our aim is to continue to provide high quality training and events that will enhance and extend your boating experience. We will adopt additional procedures and checks to ensure the safety of members and staff, applying appropriate social distancing measures, hygiene procedures and risk management practices.

However, as will all things Covid and most things boating, is important that club members and PL instructors appreciate that they are engaging in boating at their own risk and must form their own views based upon their own personal circumstances.

Our guiding principles for any training will reflect those of the RYA:

•    We will always follow Government guidance

•    We will take a considerate and conservative approach, mindful of our impact on all other water users (including RLNI) and minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to boating.

The key principle is to apply additional flexibility in the way in which the course or event is approached and delivered, always adapting to the new environment.

In order to run a safe training course the instructor and student must accept that it may not be possible to complete all of the course or event in the usual time frame given the Covid constraints.  It may be necessary to adjust dates or extend time to accommodate the completion of a specific activity or course.

To allow us to offer safe events, members should expect a reduced events calendar and for events to be run with restricted numbers to allow us to adhere to current government social distancing guidelines.

Additional preparation should be expected as many of the Covid measures will require action before arriving at the boat.

If at any time, in the opinion of the instructor or member, it becomes unsafe to run the course/event it must cease immediately.

Below is a list of specific practices which should be followed where possible to do so safely.  These are in addition to our standard Covid procedures. It is not an exhaustive or definitive list, rather it will be used to develop and build further techniques in line with experience.

General Measures

•   Daily declaration of having had no symptoms

•   Ensure familiarity with these procedures (Safety brief)

•   Bring own food and drink

•   Bring own pocket sanitiser and face covering

•   Instructors to travel home each night

•   Maintain social distancing rules

•   Limit numbers (conservative interpretation of current social distancing government guidelines)

•   Use toilets ashore or ‘outside facilities’ if appropriate


•   Early contact between member and instructor to identify areas of knowledge that can be worked on before the course commences

•   Upload required apps and obtain agreed training material

•   Students to familiarise themselves with the boat using ‘self-induction’ before operating the boat

•   Download Navionics onto phone or tablet

Running the Course/Event

•   Activities to be planned around weather (due to weather impact on SD)

•   Outdoor classroom facilities improvise on deck or pontoon

•   Appropriate visual aids or technology to facilitate training – whiteboard, models, shared material, screen share/mirroring, Zoom/FaceTime on boat

•   Evening video conference or call with screen shares

•   Face to face time with students to focus on the ‘Can’ areas of the syllabus

•   It should be possible to deal with ‘Knowledge of’ and ‘Understands’ elements remotely

•   Instructor will use separate chart pack and almanac

Post Course/Event

•   Post course action plans with specific areas for self development

•   Feedback form additionally to draw learning about Covid procedures


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