Crew match

Do you need crew, or perhaps you are looking for crewing opportunities? Our crew match service will connect you with other likeminded members so that you can go boating when you are short of crew. Boating with other members will enhance skills through knowledge, share the cost and of course it’s social!

1. How it works

Crew match opportunities and all initial communication are via WhatsApp.

Setting up a crew match:

The member instigating the booking becomes the “Lead member” and is responsible for coordinating the trip. The Lead member will share the crew match opportunity via the WhatsApp group in the following format:

  • Name
  • Date (s)
  • Boat preference
  • Plan for trip
  • How to contact me

Responding to a crew match:

Those of you interested should reply to confirm your availability and how you would like to be contacted.


Once the crew is finalised, the Lead member should book the boat.

The Lead member must advise Pure Latitude of the crew joining them. Pure Latitude will charge each participating member an equal share of the total points plus an additional 1 point to cover administration costs.

Once a crew match is established, please continue any further communication via a mutually agreed channel away from the WhatsApp group.

2. Register for crew match:

To receive notifications of new crew match opportunities via our WhatsApp groups, please register here:

3. Booking terms:

Once you confirm you are joining the crew match booking – this is deemed as confirmed. Please remember that other members are making plans on the basis of your commitment.

Once agreed and confirmed no crew match refunds will be possible for individual members withdrawing from the day.

To make it fair for everyone, if the booking cannot proceed due to your withdrawal, you will be responsible for paying for the entire booking.

Ancillary costs such as fuel, engine hours, cleaning or damage will be invoiced to the Lead member. The Lead member is responsible for sharing these costs with the other participating members.

The Lead member is liable, but crew must take responsibility for any costs directly resulting from their actions (dropped winch handle or lifejacket inflation).

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