Self-Induction Form

When should I complete the self-induction form?

The self-induction form should be completed after you have conducted an onboard familiarisation on the relevant boat. The familiarisation can be done at the start of your first booking on that boat or by prior arrangement.

I've used a boat but haven't completed the form. What should I do?

You need to complete the form. If you have already used a Pure Latitude boat for which you have not completed a self-induction form, your skippering of the boat can constitute the onboard familiarisation, therefore you can complete the self induction form at any time prior to your next booking.

Where can I check which boats I have completed the self-induction form for?

You can check the boats for which you have completed self-induction forms via your online booking account.

Why do I need to complete a self-induction form?

It is a regulatory requirement to complete a self-induction form for any Pure Latitude boat you wish to skipper prior to using it for the first time.