In this section:

1.           Introduction

2.           How do I complete a self-induction?

3.           When can I complete a self-induction?


1. Introduction

Before you take a boat (and before a competence assessment) you need to be familiar with Pure Latitude procedures, the marina details and the boat specifics. Self-induction is the process for acquiring the necessary knowledge. The time it takes to complete a self-induction will vary depending on experience level and existing familiarity with Pure Latitude and the boating location but allow a couple of hours for the first one.

2. How do I complete a self-induction?

The starting point is to read and understand the following guides, available in the membership information hub:

• The ‘must know’ procedures cover the fundamentals of what you need to follow to use the boats.
• The base guide for the marina gets you to the boats– includes marina office, keys, access and parking procedures, facilities, local information including chandlery and gas, mooring and navigation guidance, orientation including local shops and restaurants.
• The boat guide section covers the systems of each boat plus any specific characteristics relevant to a boat such as sail plans, engine configurations and handling characteristics.

Once you have read and understood the material you must complete an on-board familiarisation for the boat and then complete the online form as confirmation.

3. When can I complete a self-induction?

Many members choose to complete self-inductions for boats they are already listed as competent on at the start of their first booking on the boat.

Alternatively, boats are available for the on-board familiarisation whenever they are not booked. Please check availability and advise us if you need access to conduct an on-board familiarisation.

Boats are also reserved for self-induction and other activities each first Wednesday of every month. Please advise if you are planning to come and which boats you are interested in as we also use these days for routine maintenance. You will need to check on and off in the same way as when you book a boat. You must leave the boat in the condition you find it and you cannot eat or drink onboard, take any kit bags on board or run engines.

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