Competence Process

In this section:

1.           Introduction

2.           Experience, goals and plan

3.           Getting signed off

4.           Expanding your range of boats

5.           Keeping track


1. Introduction

To get the most out of your membership and enjoy stress free boating you need to be confident and competent to operate the boats. We offer a structured process to ensure that you have the required level of competence, no matter where you are starting from.

2. Evaluating experience, understanding goals and making a plan

When you join Pure Latitude, we’ll start by evaluating your previous experience and current skills so that we can make the right plan to get you boating as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already, the first step on this path is to complete the online prequalification form. Once we have the form we’ll be in touch to discuss and finalise the plan.

New member prequalification form


Following the appropriate training/ assessment plan will ensure you get on the water as quickly as possible, enjoying the boats that appeal most to you. Everyone has a different boating background and different inherent skills, nevertheless we find that most members fall into one of three categories:

1.      New to boating – We’ll create a training plan, tailored to you, which will include RYA courses to give you the certificates you want and the skills you need to be ready for a competence assessment.

2.      New or rusty skipper (bespoke tuition) – We’ll create a development plan, tailored to your goals and previous experience, with bespoke tuition to be ready for the competence assessment.

3.      Experienced skipper – Experienced Skippers go straight to a day of induction and competency assessment(s) on the boat(s) they wish to start with.

If your plan includes training, we recommend reading our separate training section to understand how we deliver training.

3. Getting signed off to use boats – Competence assessments and Self-Induction

When you’re ready to be signed off to skipper boats, you will need to complete an induction and a competence assessment.

• Induction is the process of becoming familiar with our procedures, a boating location and of course a boat. There is strong evidence that, for a qualified skipper, this is done most effectively on your own (guided by our documentation) and consequently we label our process “self-induction”.

• A competence assessment evaluates your knowledge and skill to safely operate a boat through a practical session on the water, and it requires that you have completed a self induction.

Both elements need to be satisfied before you can take a boat and the detail of how each process works is contained in the links below.

4. Expanding your range of boats

Most members, as their experience grows, or perhaps as new boats are added, will require access to a wider range of boats. The right approach depends on your level of competence with the required boat type. You may simply need to “self-induct” to access a new boat or you may require some training and a further competence assessment. Either way, we’ll ensure you get to enjoy the expanded range of boats.

5. Keeping Track

You can keep track of the boats you have access to through your online booking account which displays your competence and induction status for each boat . Please note that you can book any boat selected in your membership but you can’t skipper the boat until you have satisfied the competence assessment and completed an induction.

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