Communication and PL team

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1.       Channels of communication

2.       Contact the PL team

1. Channels of communication

To get the most from your membership you need to know what is happening, so we keep you updated through several key channels:

Email newsletters

Our primary method of communicating is via a monthly email, Pure News, that is sent on the 1st of each month, so please make sure you take a look every month. You’ll automatically start receiving this when you join but if you find it’s not making it’s way to your own box then please notify us. Pure News includes but isn’t limited to:

• Pure Latitude news – boats, bases, people, products

• Event information and updates – event dates for the next month, and some further ahead that need more notice or planning

• Important procedural updates

• Boating tips


We will also send you two other regular written communications throughout the year:

• Maintenance Bulletin

• Training Bulletin


Facebook members group

Our Facebook members group is for PL to member communication (last minute event spaces, tips and relevant topics) and for members to post items that they feel will be of interest to other members and pictures of their experiences on the water. If you or your partner would like to join, please email advising us of the email address you use for facebook and we will send you an invitation.


Event calendar

Whilst our Pure News monthly newsletter highlights key upcoming events, our Events Calendar is the place to go for full event information, so remember to check there for the latest.


Member portal

The member portal is where you can check availability, book the boats and see your usage and point statements. You can access this using your supplied username and password. The member portal also includes links to the member information hub and headline updates of the latest club news.

2. Contact the PL team

We’re here to help – and we take that commitment seriously. With hundreds of thousands of sea miles between us in the Pure Latitude office, we know a thing or two about getting afloat! Whether you want to discuss a detail of membership, run a passage plan past us or get the lowdown on the best places to go – just ask.

Our duty rosta ensures the following points of contact are always manned (and it’s key that you use these for any out of hours enquiries)


Email:       Phone: 02380 001234


During standard business hours, please either call the office on the number above or email the relevant member of the Pure Latitude team using ‘firstname’

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