Boat guides

In this section:

1.      Generic guide to using boats

2.      Motor – Boat specific guides

3.      Sail – Boat specific guides


1. Generic guide to using boats

The purpose of this guide is to explain the procedures you need to follow to enjoy the boats and the practices we’d like you to observe.

It is general rather than prescriptive in nature, but it is important to take the time to read through this guide, which is based on the principles of good seamanship. Please get in touch if you have any questions or feel certain areas need clarification. The more care we take of our boats, the longer they will last and the fewer failures we will experience.

This guide complements the individual boat guides below which detail the specific systems and set up of each boat.

2. Motor boat specific guides


Prestige 36 – ‘Patrician’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F4

Antares 30 – ‘Pure Passion’

Lymington Yacht Haven – Berth O19

Antares 30 – ‘Plan B’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F3

Axopar 28C – ‘Waterproof’

Hamble Point Marina – Berth TBC

Ballistic 6.5 – ‘Pure Petrol’

Hamble Yacht Services – Berth: Drystack dock

Stevens 34 – ‘Pure Carma’

MDL Marina Windsor – Berth H10 (hammerhead)

3. Sail boat specific guides


Jeanneau 389 – ‘Pure Pressure’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F13

Dufour 375 – ‘Kaboodle’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F11

Dufour 375 – ‘Pure Escape’

Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth – Berth C15

X Yacht 37 – ‘Pure Attitude’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth TBC

Hanse 348 – ‘Pure Vision’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth TBC

Hanse 345 – ‘Pure Schnapps’

Lymington Yacht Haven – Berth O17

Hanse 345 – ‘Pure Therapy’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F9

Dufour 34 – ‘Pure Magic’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth F5

Dufour 325 – ‘Lizzie’

Port Hamble Marina – Berth E23

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