Member Information Hub

Welcome to Pure Latitude Boat Club

Our member information hub is here to help you enjoy many memorable days on our well equipped boats. The hub is divided into two sections:

•  The ‘Getting on the water‘ section hosts our boat and base guides, as well as explaining all the detail of our competence and induction process and our training, event and crew match programmes.

•  The ‘Nuts and bolts‘ section explains the mechanics of membership relating to our points system, boat bookings and cancellations, additional charges as well as explaining how and when we communicate membership information.

Getting on the water


Competence & induction

Find out about our assessment process including: prequalification, competency and self-induction.


Base guides

Learn the operational detail of our bases in Hamble, Lymington, Plymouth and Windsor.


Boat guides

Understanding the operating systems of  your preferred boats is key for a safe and enjoyable trip.



Our range of training days and RYA courses include shared, private & shorebased options.



Whether you want to train, explore, race or socialise – find out how our event programme works.


Crew match

If you’re short of crew and want to go boating with fellow members, then crew match is for you.

Nuts and bolts of membership


Communication and PL team

Find out more about the different ways we communicate the latest PL news, and which member of staff to contact with any enquiry you may have.


Points, seasons and bookings

Our points based system creates really flexible boating but there are a few rules you need to have in mind. Understand the detail of our booking and cancellation framework below.


Charges, damage and billing

Most things can be paid for with membership points, but there are some additional cash charges. View cash rates, damage liability and our membership billing structure.

Want to check boat availability and make a booking?