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Crew Match is a simple and easy way to find crew, enjoy some shared cost boating and meet other members. If you would like us to contact you with details of crew match opportunities, please complete the form below and select the types of boating you are interested in.

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How Crew Match Works

Once you have registered, you will receive email notifications of boating opportunities available through Crew Match that fit the preferences you have entered. Simply reply to these mails if you would like to join one of the days.

If you would like to organise a shared day out on one of our boats, or find other members to sail on a boat you have booked, simply email stating your preferred date, whether you want to be Skipper or Crew and boat if not already booked.

We will then post on the members Facebook page, and email out to members who are registered on the Crew Match list. The email will with be sent out with your email address, so anyone interested can reply directly to you.

The member who has proposed the day is responsible for coordinating communication and logistics for the day between attending members.

A nominated skipper needs to be agreed and that person is required to book the boat and communicate the agreed points split to the Pure Latitude team who will deduct members points accordingly. Pure Latitude will charge an additional 1 point per attending member to cover our administration costs.

When agreeing to a crew match day, please remember that other members are making plans on the basis of your commitment. Once agreed and confirmed no crew match refunds will be possible for individual members withdrawing from the day.