The True Cost of Boat Ownership

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Buy, Charter or Boat Share: Which is best for you?

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Budgeting for ownership

There are as many different budgets for running a boat as there are owners, but the key strands of financial commitment that come with boat ownership remain broadly the same for all.

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alternatives to ownership

Ultimate comparison guide to ownership, charter and boat share

When it comes to getting out on the water, whether you want to set sail or power up the engine, it can be hard to understand all the options and come up with something that suits your experience level, your ambitions, and the size of your wallet.

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alternatives to ownership

The changing language of boat share

by Martin Gray, Pure Latitude Founder

Before I was able to spend my days pursuing my passion for boating, my work involved trading global network capacity for telecoms.
It was all about throughput and efficiency of use, which is key whether you are trying to maximise on your multi million investment in fibre technology or a 40 foot boat. So with the average privately-owned boat used no more than fifteen days each year, it made sense to think about more efficient ways.

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