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Buy, Charter or Boat Share: Which is best for you?

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Ultimate comparison guide to ownership, charter and boat share

When it comes to getting out on the water, whether you want to set sail or power up the engine, it can be hard to understand all the options and come up with something that suits your experience level, your ambitions, and the size of your wallet.

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Thinking of buying a boat?

Deciding how to get afloat is an exciting but complex decision. Balancing the time you have available to spend on the water against the level of commitment you are comfortable with needs careful consideration.

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Looking for a better value alternative to boat ownership?

Pure Latitude, based in the Solent, is the UK’s original boat and yacht share club. Membership is like owning your own fleet, belonging to a yacht club and having access to a top class training centre – all rolled into one.

All our members have one passion in common – a love of boats. If you can’t wait to get out on the water, come and join us. We’re a very relaxed and welcoming bunch.

“Yacht availability is excellent, even in the busy month of August. There is a good variety of both sailing and motor yachts – in various locations which allows you to explore different parts of the coast. The company has a very customer focused culture and are always on hand to give helpful advise.”

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