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Crew membership - For boaters who only want the fun and excitement of events

Our event programme is a great way to gain experience and have fun on the water with other members. If you don’t want, or have the skills, to skipper a boat, and would prefer a professional skipper to take charge then crew membership and our events are for you.

Whether experienced or taking to the water for the first time, our range of training, racing and adventure event days are guaranteed to push your boating boundaries and provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build your crewing network.

Key benefits

  • Up your skills and learn from professional skippers
  • Exciting range of events in the UK and abroad
  • Fun, low responsibility boating
  • No need to organise crew

Example pricing and usage study – we can customise plans to suit you

Our unique points system provides really flexible boating. Crew membership plans are allocated points and you spend the points on a fantastic range of events. Sailboat racing and motorboat days use more points than standard sailing days, so the days and events you chose determine how many points you need.

Our two example crew plans work well for most PL members but we can also offer bespoke options for anyone with a keen racing interest or indeed anyone who wants something just a bit different.


Example crew plans Crew 200 Crew 300
Typical usage (days) 10-12 15-18
Monthly fee (£) 200 250
Annual points 200 300

Example annual usage

Crew 300 – our most popular crew plan

With this membership, you can enjoy:

  • 8 cruising days
  • 5 racing days
  • 4 day adventure trip

…..or a wide range of other event combinations depending on how you decide to spend your membership points.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize my plan to fit me?

Absolutely. Our three example crew plans work well for most PL members but we also offer bespoke options for anyone who wants something just a bit different. Get in touch for a bespoke proposal.

Can I use all my points to go boating in a single month?

Yes. As a crew member you can spend your points balance whenever you want.

Can I use the club rib?

No. Only our fleet and training members enjoy rib usage with no booking charge (they just pay for fuel).

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, £495 one-off club joining fee applies to all new members and anyone rejoining after a break in membership.

Can I save money by paying annually?

Annual payment in advance brings a 5% discount and commitment for two years saves a further 5%.

What extra costs are there ?

Generally you’ll need to pay for your food (either through kitty or your own purchase) and if you’re heading further afield you’ll need to cover your own travelling costs to and from the boat.

Want to take a look at other membership options ?

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