Pure Latitude

Join us as we campaign in both inshore and offshore events

Take part in a host of major regattas, including both inshore and offshore events in the UK and the Med.

Enjoy exceptional onboard training from the Pure Latitude team, ensuring that you gain valuable sailing skills across a range of disciplines.

Our performance race fleet includes our X37 and X46 race boats – catering for all levels of racer. Our boats are race ready, fast and, most importantly, fun to sail.

Rolex Middle Sea Race

  • 15-26th October 2018
  • Racing onboard our X-46 ‘Impulse’
  • 600 offshore miles starting in Malta
  • Individual places available

Giraglia Regatta

  • 8-16th June 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-Yacht 46 ‘Impulse’
  • Combines inshore and offshore racing
  • Individual places available

Round the Island Race

  • 28-29th June 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-37 ‘Pure Attitude’
  • Iconic race with over 1500+ boats
  • Individual places available

Fastnet Campaign 2019

  • May – August 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-37 ‘Pure Attitude’
  • 3 x qualifiers & Fastnet race
  • Individual places available

Cowes Week

  • 10-17th August 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-37 ‘Pure Attitude’
  • Great party scene
  • Individual places and full boat option

Regata Palermo Montecarlo

  • 21-26th August 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-Yacht 46 ‘Impulse’
  • Relaxed offshore race with stunning scenery
  • Whole boat bookings only

Les Voiles de St. Tropez

  • 29th September – 7th October 2019
  • Racing onboard our X-Yacht 46 ‘Impulse’
  • Jewel of the Mediterranean racing calendar
  • Whole boat bookings only

Frequently asked questions

Who are the race coaches?

Our experienced team of fully qualified racing skippers ensure we deliver great coaching and an unforgettable race experience. Martin Gray (PL founder) and Ifan James (PL Chief instructor) head our race team. 

What skills do I need?

Most races are suitable for all skill levels. Novices will be encouraged by our experienced team, while experienced sailors can test their skills by taking on more advanced roles.

What’s the cost?

You can use your membership points for some races and pay a reduced price for others. Racing events are also open to non-members at a less discounted rate

“It’s hard to explain the sheer nervous energy and excitement of your first big offshore race start. The atmosphere is just electric…”

Vincer, Fastnet 2015 crew member

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