Adventure Sailing 2022

Expand your boating horizons

Explore the Isles of Scilly, Ireland, West Coast of Scotland and Norwegian Fjords onboard our X-Yacht 46 ‘Impulse’ as she roams through some of Northern Europe’s finest cruising destinations from April to June 2022.

This isn’t holiday sailing in the traditional sense. It’s about clocking some serious miles, on a performance cruising boat, embracing the adventure, and enjoying the stunning scenery –  with no doubt some great food and wine along the way.

If you’re looking to build miles, visit new places and advance your skills – this is a really enjoyable way to do it. See below for the planned itineraries.

June 2022: Bergen

June 18th to 25th

Norwegian Fjords

Approx. 200nm

June 25th to July 2nd

Norwegian Fjords

Approx. 200nm

July 2022: Norway to Western Isles

July 2nd to 6th

Norwegian Sea

Approx. 300nm

July 6th - July 12th

Hebridean Adventure

Approx. 200nm

July 16th- July 23rd

Oban – Western Isles Cruise

Approx. 200nm

July 23rd - July 30th

Oban – Western Isles Cruise

Approx. 200nm

August 2022

July 30th - August 6th

The Irish Sea

Approx. 330nm

August 6th - August 13th

The Scillies

Approx. 240nm

August 13th - August 20th

Channel Islands

Approx. 200nm

What to expect

This is an adventurous trip so expect some fast, exciting and challenging sailing with plenty of time to explore ashore.

Offshore sailing experience is not a requirement, but you will need prior boating knowledge and have the skills to RYA Day Skipper level. We will be sailing during the day and at night so it’s important that you are up for the adventure, in good health and reasonably fit.

The crew will operate under a watch system and there will be opportunities to get involved in all aspects of running the boat. This will include a share in the cooking, cleaning and provisioning the boat.

You’ll come away with amazing memories, captivating stories, hundreds of miles logged and new friends who’ve shared it with you.


Frequently asked questions

What are the payment terms?

If you're paying for your adventure cruise in points then we'll deduct the full amount of points, from the season your cruise is operating, at the time of booking. If you are paying in pounds then we'll invoice you for 50% of the total cost at the time of booking and send a second invoice, for the remaining balance, due 3 months before the start date of your cruise.

Do i need offshore sailing experience?

Offshore sailing experience is not a requirement, but you will need prior boating knowledge and have skills to RYA Day Skipper level. Offshore sailing is exciting and sometimes challenging. We will be sailing during the day and at night so it's important that you are up for the adventure, in good health and reasonably fit.

How many people can stay in a private double cabin?

A maximum of 2 people. The cost for a private double cabin will be the same whether one person or two people stay there.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your booking, the cancellation policy is as follows:

3 or more months prior to sailing: Full refund
1 to 3 months prior to sailing: 50% refund
0 to 1 month prior to sailing: No refunds

NB Points will always be refunded to the season in which they were originally deducted

How many other people will be on the boat?

The maximum number of people onboard will be 6 members plus the Skipper.

How do i get to the boat and get home again?

You will be responsible for your travel to and from the boat. We'll be able to recommend the best travel route for you nearer the start date of your cruise.

Who is responsible for the provisions and cooking?

Everybody onboard will be jointly responsible for provisioning the boat and sharing the cooking. Any joint costs will be managed by the Skipper using a smartphone app such as SPLITTR.

What kit do i need to bring?

There's limited storage space onboard so please bring a soft bag that can be stowed away easily. Finding the balance between packing light and having the right kit on board can be challenging, and we hope the list below helps. There may be a temptation to assume that sailing in the warmer months means foul weather gear will not be necessary. Although we hope this is true we’d prefer you to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Our recommended kit list includes:


Sleeping bag

Travel pillow

Waterproof sailing Jacket


Sailing gloves

Sun glasses (with strap to prevent loss)

Sun block

Sailing knife/multitool

Baseball cap & wooly hat




Thermal base layer

Warm trousers

Fleece jacket

Thick socks

Deck shoes / Sailing boots


Toiletry bag

Lightweight quick dry Towel

Head torch that has a red only mode

Clothes for evenings out and travelling

Tablet for entertainment on the go (preferable to a laptop or just go off grid)

Phone / camera charging leads

Glasses / Contact lenses as required

A good book


If you rely on medication to maintain your health then we will ask you to bring at least twice the amount you expect to consume and store half of it in the grab bag.