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Do you have time to own a boat?

For many successful business owners and executives, spending more time on the water is an attractive priority as they begin to shift their focus to a life away from work.

And it’s understandable. A boating lifestyle offers an enticing pathway to exploring the natural world in a way that is only possible by boat. But owning your own boat is no longer for the faint-hearted. When you consider rising asset values, mooring and maintenance costs and the considerable volume of time involved in caring for your ‘baby’, it increasingly makes sense to think about more efficient ways.

At Pure Latitude Boat Club, we understand the considerations involved – and the time you want to commit to boating is key. We commonly advise that if you plan to spend 35 days+ on the water each year then owning a boat can make perfect sense. But any less than that, or if you’ve never owned before, then the benefits of sharing – at least for a year or two – are hard to deny.

In these ever changing times, consumers need smart, efficient solutions that carry minimal impact on their wallet and the environment. These two points alone make sharing boats a compelling choice, but when you factor in the time that the logistics of boat ownership consumes, then boat sharing really is a ‘no-brainer’.


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