Do you have time to own a boat?

Undoubtedly boat ownership offers that dream lifestyle, with the freedom to explore places and experience the beautiful natural world in ways you just can’t achieve without a boat. Cruising through beautiful harbours, meeting new people and just having a good old fashioned adventure sounds idyllic.

If you have plenty of spare time to sit at anchor in the sunshine then owning a boat makes perfect sense and the boating dream can be the reality.

But what if you don’t have all that time?

Most of us have less time than we think to get afloat, which of course makes boat ownership very expensive on a cost per day basis. Also, we typically only manage a few days at a time, which means our options are very limited when we do get out on the water. You probably have a favourite harbour or anchorage you like to visit, but when going boating means visiting the same places repeatedly, things can get stale. The family get bored. You all want to do something new but you just don’t have time to explore further afield and you’re now tied to the boat you have paid for………

Owning a boat in this way is quite restrictive

Pure Latitude Boat Club has transformed the way people go boating. You are no longer restricted to just one boat and location – indeed you have a fleet of boats and a range of locations to choose from – in the UK and Med. Cruise with the family, up your skills with RYA training, or take part in a prestigious race or adventurous cruise through our event programme.

Sure, you can pick just one of our fleet to call your own if you are getting started but Pure Latitude also provides the natural platform through which to grow your skills and knowledge, try a range of different boats and add some variety to your time afloat.

How Pure Latitude Boat Club Works


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The true cost of boat ownership

Accurately evaluating the true cost of boat ownership is a crucial step in ensuring you make the right decision regarding a boat purchase. We should know – we’ve bought, maintained and sold plenty of boats in our time.

The desire to own a boat, much like any other desirable asset, is forgivable! Boating provides the freedom to explore and experience the natural world in a way you just can’t achieve without a boat. However, the financial and practical challenges of boat ownership are often where the dream begins to lose it’s sparkle and the passion can wane.

Leveraging over ten years experience running a successful boat share fleet, we’ve drawn up a ‘true cost’ guide based on the boats we run. Of course ownership makes sense in some situations, if you can justify the cost against the time you have available to go boating, but take a look at the real numbers for yourself and decide whether ownership is a commitment you’re ready to make.

The True cost of boat ownership >>


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