Do you have time to own a boat?

If you are planning to buy a boat, you’ll have a vision of how you’ll be spending your time on the water. When everything comes together for the perfect outing. The boat’s ready, you and the family/crew are available, you’re all in the right place and the weather and tidal conditions are right. It takes some doing to find that “sailing sweet spot.” Never mind the time commitment of the ongoing maintenance, winter haul out, securing your annual mooring, negotiating insurance and other logistical challenges. They all take up valuable time, time you thought you’d spend boating.

Will you really be able to achieve the ‘sailing sweet spot’?

Boat ownership – the dream

Looking through “boat show” spectacles, boat ownership ticks all the boxes. Having your own boat offers the freedom to explore and experience the natural world in ways you can only achieve by boat. Making memories that last a lifetime, whether you’re cruising into breath-taking harbours, meeting like-minded people or embarking on exhilarating adventures. If you’ve got all the time in the world to sit at anchor and watch the world go by then boat ownership makes perfect sense, but if you’re at a stage in life where leisure time is limited, then time afloat is precious.

Boat ownership – the reality

Most of us end up having less time afloat than we’d like, typically only managing at most a few days at a time, making for limited opportunities and destinations. Visiting the same places repeatedly because you just don’t have the flexibility or the right boat to go further afield. Trips can become restricted, repetitive and a little stale … resulting in an unsatisfactory high cost per trip!

Add variety to your time on the water

By joining a boat club, you not only add variety to your boating opportunities but also reduce the overall cost commitment. Membership works out less than the cost of many annual moorings and is fixed so you know exactly how much you’re paying from one month to the next – although you’re free to vary the time and money commitment you make each year, according to which boats you choose to take out and the number of times.

Transform your boating

With Pure Latitude once your membership is set up, you simply focus on boating. With access to an extensive fleet of beautifully maintained and regularly serviced boats your boating time means actual time enjoying being on the water. No longer restricted to just one boat and one location, you have access to a fleet of boats and a range of locations both in the UK and the Med.

Sure, owning a boat offers you flexibility (provided you’ve achieved the sailing sweet spot we mentioned earlier) but it’s difficult to justify the cost of this flexibility when the Pure Latitude Boat Club offers short and long -term notice bookings from 1 to 8 days. Cruise with the family, up-skill with a wide range of RYA training courses, take part in races and sailing challenges around the world and join a friendly network of supportive, knowledgeable and like-minded boaters.

If you’re just getting started, simply pick one of our fleet to call your own or grow your skills and knowledge by trying a range of different boats and add some variety to your time afloat.


How Pure Latitude Boat Club Works


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