Why Membership?


Pure Latitude membership boating club offers many benefits – here are some of the reasons why both new and experienced boaters tell us that they enjoy being Pure Latitude members.


If there is one reason for joining that stands out from all others we say it’s time. Leisure time is just that - your precious free hours will be spent having fun on the water, not dealing with the burdens of ownership or the admin of chartering. Our flexible booking system allows you to choose the boat you want on the days you want it. We guarantee your boat will be waiting for you, in the best condition and ready to go!

Value for money

Between repairs, mooring and insurance, maintaining a midsize boat easily costs 10% of value, and that's after the initial boat purchase.  The economics of membership are hard to deny - enjoy access to several boats and save a small fortune every year.

Boat Availability

Our fantastic boat availability really sets us apart from the competition. Simply logon to your account and book the boat you want, for the days you want to be on the water.
We manage the boat-to-member ratio to maintain excellent availability. Whereas syndicates and most other membership schemes lock you into just one boat, Pure Latitude offers an entire fleet to choose from. Availability is instantly multiplied.


Our unique points system provides flexibility in not just your choice of boat and location , but importantly in when you access your boats. With only a 12 month commitment there really are no ties  - membership allows you to take a break, buy a boat or choose to focus on your golf for a bit, all without penalty.

Support and Event Programme 

When you join Pure Latitude, you can rely on the support of our dedicated team. Our popular RYA training and event programmes are available to all members and make getting out on the water even easier. If you have a question, just ask. We're here to help.