Skill Level

Whether sailing has been your hobby for years or you're looking to get on the water for the very first time, Pure Latitude's flexible membership plans cater for your individual boating needs. We handle all boat maintenance and administration, so your precious leisure time is focused on boating. We have members with all levels of experience, from complete beginners to seasoned sailors. 


Basic Experience

Benefit from our personalized training and mentoring plan. Our RYA training centre is run by a team of lifelong sailors who offer advice and support to our members on all aspects of boating. Whether you prefer sail or power, we'll help you become confident and familiar with the boats you choose. You can also gain experience and meet like-minded people by crewing on other members' boats. 

Options Include

Pick one of our RYA training memberships and get qualified.

Choose to join any of our social, training or racing events.

Use our Crew Match service to go boating with other members.

New Skipper

Extend your skills and improve your knowledge through skippering our boats and engaging in further training. We'll help you achieve personal boating goals, be it crossing the Channel, competing in a race or taking a longer-distance trip. You'll build experience with other members and have the opportunity to test out our entire range of boats to understand the finer differences in handling and performance.  

Options Include

A weekend of Solent sailing with the family on our Dufour 325.

Join one of our events to the Channel Islands, Sciliy Isles or other locations

Enjoy further bespoke tuition or RYA training with family and friends.

Experienced Skipper

Enjoy instant access to our fleet of boats, around the UK, without the costs of ownership and headaches of maintenance or worry of depreciation. Membership offers the easiest and most affordable way to explore new locations and discover new boats. Far less time consuming than chartering, our online booking system gives you the freedom to reserve the boat you want in just a few seconds!

Options Include

A week in the Channel Islands on our Dufour 382 sailboat.

A long weekend in St Vaast, France on our Prestige 36 motor cruiser.

Explore the Isle of Man onboard our Hanse 345 in Conwy, Wales.