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Fleet Membership

Fleet membership provides maximum flexibility. Access all of the boats, visit multiple locations and enjoy really flexible booking. Flexibility is achieved via our unique points system and your Pure Latitude online account.

The right plan for you depends on the boating you want to do, i.e. boat types, how often and when you like to be on the water. Knowing these preferences, we build you a plan - an allocation of points per year (allocated evenly across 3 seasons) to spend on booking boats or events. Fleet plans give you access to all our boats plus all our events. 

We offer 3 “reference” fleet plans: 



Our most popular plan, the Fleet 660, could provide a year’s boating that looks like any ONE of the following:

  • 25 - 30 days on our powerboats 18-24ft
  • 20 - 25 days on our sailboats 30-40ft
  • 15 - 18 days on our motor cruisers 30-42ft
  • OR 20 days on a mix of all the boats 

Bigger boats use more points, as do weekend days and bank holidays. Therefore the boats you use and the days you choose determine how many points you need. See our boat and event fact sheets for points rates per boat.


Choosing and Tailoring Your Plan 

Our standard plans work well but we recognize that everybody’s needs are a little different - so tell us what sort of boats and how often you want to use them and we’ll build a plan for you. We’ve learnt that most members manage around 25 days a year on the water, on their preferred boat types, occasionally enjoying something different. Many members also join a number of events every year from the growing and extensive range. 

To build your own personalised schedule from the example membership plans listed above please contact us for a boat points table or download our full membership brochure

Additional Charges 

Joining - A one-off joining fee of £300 applies to all new members and anyone rejoining after a break in membership.

Induction - Our subsidized induction service is tailored to you and charged at £40 (weekdays) / £60 (weekends) per hour to include boat and inductor. We recommend a full day to get started when you first join. Inductions can often be shared.

Fuel - Motor boat fuel usage is charged at cost plus an engine hour charge. 

How to Save

Save 5% by paying annually.

Save a further 5% by committing for 2 years.

Save by joining with a partner or friend. Pool resources and have a ready made crew. We allow joint memberships up to a maximum of two for a fee of £50 per additional member per month.