Crew Membership

For boaters who only want the excitement and camaraderie of events

Our event programme is a great way to gain experience and have fun on the water with other members. If you don't want, or have the skills to skipper a boat, and would prefer a professional to take charge then crew membership and our events are for you.

Whether experienced or taking to the water for the first time, our range of training, racing and adventure event days are guaranteed to push your boating boundaries and provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build your crewing network.

    "The events are fantastic, especially for a nervous sailor like me - more and more new exciting events seem to be appearing all the time" 

Lesley, member since 2015


Plans and Pricing

Our three example crew plans work well for most members but we also offer bespoke options for anyone who wants something just a bit different.

How to save: Annual payment brings a 5% discount / Join for 2 years and save a further 5%.


Example annual usage:

Crew 270 membership

- 5 cruising days bespoke training

- 6 racing days 

- 4 day adventure trip


Joining Fee 

A £495 one-off club joining fee applies to all new members and anyone rejoining after a break in membership. 


Not sure which plan would suit you best? Don't like any of these plans?

Don't worry! Just give us a call and we'll arrange something that suits you.