How It Works

What is Pure Latitude Boat Club?

Pure Latitude boat club offers you flexible and cost-effective access to a wide range of boats in exchange for a set fee per month/year. With just a simple 12 month commitment, boating has never been more flexible. 

We provide an affordable and hassle-free alternative to boat ownership and far more flexible booking schedules than charter. For example with Pure Latitude you can book a boat for just one day during August Bank Holiday: you can’t do that when chartering. 

In addition, our popular training and events programmes provide a clear pathway to achieving your boating dreams and ambitions, whether that is to have fun with like-minded people, skipper a boat, explore new destinations, gain a qualification or take part in a famous race.



    What Can I  Do?

    We've made Pure Latitude as flexible as possible so you can choose how and when you boat. So, for example, you can: 

    1. Skipper your own power, sail or inland boat when you just want to get on the water and away. 

    2. Arrange a training programme so you can improve your skills or polish up slightly tarnished ones.  

    3. Take part in an adventurous cruise or prestigious race, including Round the Island or the Fastnet. 

    And much more!

How does Pure Latitude Boat Club Work ?

Introducing our points system - simple, flexible, hassle free


1. Get points when you join - some plans offer more points than others.

2. Choose how to spend your points - weekends and bigger boats require more points.

3. Book online - months in advance or on the day. It's up to you.

Introducing our booking system - 'ownership' style boat availability 

1. Login to your online account

2. Choose when you want to boat

3. Check boat availability

4. Book

5. Turn up and cast off





    Can I get a boat this weekend ?

    Good boat availability is the most important factor when considering how to get afloat. We all have to fit our boating around other commitments and we all occasionally want to get some time on the water at short notice. If we can’t get a boat when we want one, what is the point?

    Pure Latitude Boat Club balances the supply of boats to hit the availability / cost sweet spot, providing short notice availability at a fraction of the cost of ownership and with more booking flexibility than charter. With a whole fleet of boats to choose from, boat availability is instantly multiplied.