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Pure Racing

Enjoy a host of major regattas through our Pure Racing programme. We'll be campaigning in both inshore and offshore events and you’ll see our boats at most of the major South Coast regattas - plus some races further afield.

A key feature of our racing is exceptional onboard training from the very best race coaches, ensuring that you gain really valuable sailing skills across a range of disciplines. We ensure you get the most out of your time on the water with Pure Racing. Our boats are race ready, fast and, most importantly, fun to sail. Our 2017 performance race fleet includes our Winner 9, X37 and X46 race boats – catering for all levels of racer.

Put together you own personalised race plan from our racing calendar using points to book slots in the usual way. If you have already caught the racing bug and want to focus solely on honing your race skills, then a race specific crew membership is for you. With prices starting at £150 a month, you can choose a membership to suit, making yacht racing flexible and affordable.